Being ONE


ONE is a creation from my Heart with Love to forward the Conversation of how Powerful we are as Human Being when we are United as One without Judgment. UNITY over Separation.

My life is LOVE. I AM in this world to Co- Create with the Universe to make this world a better place. I choose to create LOVE in every moment of my life, this is my mission. There will be a chance to grow from each and every experience in our lives, if you choose to, this is the Journey.

My Spiritual Journey is not a destination but a “State of Being”. I can visualize a world where every human being will be UNITED as ONE, this is my AWAKENING.

LOVE everyone as YOURSELF. See them as the CREATOR sees YOU right NOW with NO Judgment.

I LOVE each and every one of YOU with ALL MY HEART just as much as I LOVE the CREATOR.

Here’s a Quote from my close friend Diane L. Haworth “BE LOVE”.

Thank You for taking the time to read this i really do appreciate you so much.

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This will be the MOST IMPORTANT CONFERENCE of your LIFE because its “ALL ABOUT YOU”. Thank You!


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