Aaron Mottley will be a Demonstrator at the Unconditional Love Conference & Tour.

“A New Moment a New YOU”

“Embracing the God force Within”

Presenting Internal Fitness Training by Master Aaron Mottley

It is my goal to make sure you become a more whole and healthier you. Your health is your responsibility and my greatest concern.  A whole and healthy you is the greatest gift you can give the world.  The benefits of my years of experience, and expertise will help you live up to your responsibiility to yourself and increase the health and vitality of the gift that is you.

Here are some of the reasons that set me apart:

  • I practice what I preach.
  • I have pioneered the development of this training.
  • I am living proof that it works. After all I am 55.

My Strategy:

Work with Churches and other Non-Profits, Beauty & Barber Shops, Yoga and Fitness Studios, organizations, businesses; small and large, Families, Couples and Individuals.  With a primary focus on development around group health and fitness.  Giving members tools that they can use on the job and at home, to work as their own immediate support group for improved health.  Aiding your staff in developing programs for themselves, their families and the communities they serve.  The book: The Obesity Myth You’re Not OverWeight You’re OverWaste, is the manual from which I will teach.  Doing this will bring down the cost of healthcare for individuals and businesses. 

My Goal:

Develop a high level of action and awareness around health and internal fitness within the local and grassroots leadership in every community that will expand to everyone in each given community.  Take full advantage of the Group Dynamic that already exists every where people are working together; especially women.   Doing so in a way that will build positive communication and acton, supporting one anothers growth in health. 

My Vision:

Utilize the book Obesity Myth: You’re Not OverWeight, You’re OverWaste as a training manual for shifting the pardigm and language around health and wellness.  Shifting the empahsis from Fitness to Internal Fitness to improve the way we manage and maintain our bodies.  

Develop community partnerships across the board to create local, national and global initiatives to improve health indicators and basic knowledge among the general population.  Thus lowering the impact of ignorance and the cost of wellness.

Are you or do you know of a community leader/activist or business owner who would like to improve their health and be a strong positive role model for healthy living? Free of disease. I invite you to become a part of this soon to be Human Initiative.

Are you a member of or know of a Health and Wellness Ministry or Committee in your church, or organization?Want to be a part of a model program to improve health indicators amongst your body, that will guide all toward better health? I invite you to also become a part of this soon to be Human Initiative. 

Would you like to learn more about me, my services and vision?

I would love to hear from you.  To send me an email click  here.




Mastering the breathing process, increases lung capacity and aids: 

  • Meditation
  • Increased focus and mental clarity
  • Building stamina
  • Lower blood pressure and heart rate
  • Weight loss by ridding the body of toxic waste

The components of the Breath Mastery Technique(tm):

1.     Tongue Placement

2.     The Cleansing Breath

3.     The Void 

The segments and workings of the Lungs:

1.     Upper Level – Fight or Flight – Animal Nature

2.     Lower Level – Relaxation& Meditation – God Nature

3.     Downward Press

4.     Upward Pull

5.     Front to Back Press

Internal Fitness Training(tm) optimally manages the human body through the use of the breath and movement. It is a modern day urban exercise series that uses the principles of Tai Chi, Chi Gong, and Kemetic Yoga to maintain high quality energy flow throughout the body.  The movements are natural and follow the science of Kinesiology, staying in the flow of how we move instinctively.

Basic movements are done slowly, with the breath tied to every movement.  Intermediate and some advanced movements are done in the same manner with the layering of some of the basic movements. Others are more vigorous and done with greater speed, still tied to the breath, and some employ the use of a bamboo staff.

Through the Internal Fitness Series(tm) learn (to):

  • How to flow with the breath
  • Remain calm in stressful moments
  • Lose weight by moving waste & toxins out of the body
  • Maintain proper alignment
  • Body mechanics through movement
  • Build stamina and endurance 
  • Consistently conserve and spontaneously build energy
  • Tone and strengthen key muscle groups for explosive action

Some of the components of Internal Fitness Training(tm) are:

1.     The Breath Mastery Technique(tm)

2.     The Prayer Hands Breath

3.     Forward & Back Bends

4.     Spinal Twists & Wringing

5.     Lunges & Knee Raises 

The segments of the Internal Fitness Series are: 

1.     Lying

2.     Seated

3.     Standing

Latest News

The Obesity Myth: You’re Not OverWeight, You’re OverWaste

by: Aaron Mottley, CHHC

Thank You! See you at the Unconditional Love Conference & Tour when it comes to your city. This will be one of the most Important Conferences of this lifetime because its “All About YOU”. 

Sponsors & Donations Needed. Give without Expectations and see what happens. Thank You!


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