The Intention of this sharing of ” The Power of Forgiveness ” is to highlight a special power that we all have.

The Power of Forgiveness

There are so many aspects of Forgiveness that are so powerful i wanted to highlight this quote from the Law of One.

” Forgive in order to break free from the karmic cycle of resentment. When real forgiveness happens there is an energetic change that ignites the healing process within you and triggers a new beginning for both you and the other person, for you both are one, chains are broken and you become free. “

Forgiveness is the full eradication of Karma. In forgiveness lies the stoppage of the wheel of action. 

A full forgiveness is thus impossible without the inclusion of self and complete sincerity.

Its time to forgive yourself and others for all the situations of your past so that you can be free from the constraints of them and begin the learning process for growth.

Who are you going to forgive today? Start with yourself.

“LOVE is the Purest form of energy in the Universe” Tremayne Johnson

With LOVE,

Inspirational Communicator Tremayne Johnson 


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