The Intention of this sharing of “Words Heal” brings to our awareness a special ability we all have.

Words Heal

In the Age of LOVE Divine Beings understands that words can be used in so many different ways and we have the power to choose to use words to uplift, encourage, and inspire, any and everyone in our path. By taking full responsibility for the things we say, and changing our mindset from the way we think creates better actions in the way we express ourselves. Powerful!

As Divine Beings we can speak life into this world and allow spirit to flow through us in every breath we breath, in every moment with ease, and to every person, please.

I truly believe when we speak from the heart you will always find the words to say for the highest good of the person and or the situation.

There will become a moment in time where we as Divine Beings will be honestly living with authenticity, standing strong with Integrity, and Being Love in life together as One. 

When we as human being become aware of our divinity the release of  Gossip, Judging, Negativity, Complaining, Excusing, and Lying begin to fade away. The question would be…. How is any of this of service to me in this moment? 

It goes even deeper…. our own words towards ourselves can be used to heal our body, our situation, and our life. Think about that! 

As we become Creators of Possibilities in our life we become aware that every aspect of our lives matter from our thoughts that we think on a daily basis, to the action that is expressed towards others, to words that we speak in the moment. In this awakening its not a knowing, its a being that which we are and always was. Powerful!

Since this amazing super power of the spoken word is already innately yours why not use the gift the way it was intended. 

We truly do have gifts beyond belief.

Where are you going to start speaking life into existence? I invite you to start with yourself. 

With LOVE,

Inspirational Communicator Tremayne Johnson


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