Forgiving heart to heart is what I call the Super Connector.

The Full Circle

Standing heart to heart with a person you did wrong and looking them directly in the eyes of their soul is very powerful and it takes courage. 

Being able to express yourself honestly with all sincerity not playing the blame game just taking full responsibility for whatever the situation was in the moment.

You may start to feel emotional, you may shed a tear or two bring a box of tissue. Crying is a form of release. Its a bonding that’s going to happen like nothing you have ever felt before.

I acknowledge everyone who is willing to take on this challenge because in this moment of awareness you are tapping into spirit.

When we as divine beings unblock the doorway of our nature, and unlock essence of who we are through the eye of the heart we can see the Oneness of our beingness everywhere. Powerful!

Share…. I had a misunderstanding with someone and I didn’t even know what it was all about, all i knew is that it didn’t feel right to me. We would walk pass each other like we didn’t even see one other. One day i saw her standing around and I just walked up to her and said…. I really do miss talking you, its not me to keep trying to act like this. Whatever the misunderstanding, whatever you heard, or whatever it is please forgive me. I mean it from the bottom of my heart. She didn’t know what to do because she is a very strong, and independent women. In that moment for me a relief washed over us and i saw her smile for the first time in a long time. In that moment we were bigger than our situation, its like time stopped for me, I couldn’t see no one else in the room but me and her. I could go deeper and tell you how I seen myself in her and that connection that mended like two spirits becoming one again.  I truly believe that was an experience i had to go through just to see how long it would take for me to confront myself in that moment. I seen us as one in the moment. All of this only took about 5 minutes but it felt like time stop.   

Harboring hidden negative emotions like hate or anger of past situation is not good for your physical health and will create discomfort or even disease. Cutting the cords with forgiveness will detach us from the past so that we can live in the present free from constraints.

Have you ever heard someone saying…. Release what no longer serves you they are mostly talking about the stories that we create of our past that are attached to negative emotions that we are holding on to and are not trying to let go of.

In the beautiful age of LOVE we are starting to be fully present in the moment of realization that we can honestly and sincerely say…. I Am the Creator of my own life and that I am not my past so i choose to let it go, and create in the present my future of Newness.

” Forgiveness heals the past ” Tremayne Johnson

With LOVE,

Inspirational Communicator Tremayne Johnson


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