When you tap into spirit the LIGHT of pure LOVE shines.

Tapping Into Spirit

One way to connect with spirit is by creating. Creating and doing what you LOVE from the heart starts to bring back the Joy in your life.

Imagine the moment when you can…. Create with enthusiasm, Move with purpose, Build with intention, Think with mindfulness, and Act in the light of LOVE.

That’s tapping into spirit.

When we as human being figure out that we are not our bodies and we are not our minds and that our true nature is spirit and by surrendering to the spirit within and letting go so that the ego disappears.

Only then can your Spirit channel LIGHT through LOVE.

Tapping into your spirit is a personal journey within that every human being must realize. No one can do it for you. You must take that step within and embrace your divine nature by pulling back the veil of separation and revealing the Divine YOU.

Through LOVE the LIGHT is unveiled and the connection is made with the Source of all there is.

LOVE is the Action…. LOVE is the Switch…. LOVE is the Generator…. LOVE is the Unifier…. LOVE is the Connector…. LOVE is the Amplifier…. Love is Everything.

When we as Divine Being can remove the constraints of old conditioning, break through the limitation, overcome the false belief about ourselves and others. We would be free to live, LOVE and just be happy living in the now, creating in every moment, and loving every being.

Forgiveness heals your past, LOVE embraces your now and the LIGHT guides you into your future. Tremayne Johnson

With LOVE,

Inspirational Communicator Tremayne Johnson


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