The Intention for this sharing of “Limiting Beliefs” is to introduce you to a new way of looking at how we communicate with ourselves.

Limiting Beliefs are beliefs that are holding you back or keeping you stuck in life.

Limiting Beliefs

Here’s just a few limiting beliefs that no one says out loud about themselves. 

  • I’m not good enough.
  • I can’t do that.
  • I don’t deserve it.
  • I not worthy.

Raise your hand if you ever said any of these things to yourself. No One!

Tell me this then…. what stopped you from finishing that book that you started, or opening that business or what stopped you from being open to that new relationship in your life or what is keeping you from losing that weight. 

Oh! You came here for answers, here is your answers….

I’ll get to the book later…. I’m too busy right now with work and everything…. my boss is not going to give me a raise if I ask him…. I can’t start a business right now it won’t work…. my friends told me I shouldn’t do it…. my mom said that I would be crazy to leave this job…. I don’t think I could do it…. i would rather be by myself…. people are evil and untrustworthy…. I’m going to always look like this…. I’m never going to lose this weight.

Raise your hand if you ever said any of these or something like it. Interesting!

I’m not saying that any of these are wrong or right I’m just inviting you to take a look at it because we all have said one of these or something just like it in some point in our lives.

Someone should write a book or post about all the things that we believe about ourselves or that someone says about us that we take as truth. 

Keep a journey from this day on and start to become aware of every conversation you have with yourself. And what someone else says about you or and idea of yours.

Its time to open our eyes an embrace the unknown. Instead of making all of these excuses not to move forward, hiding, or running away from it.

Today is the day to release “Excuses”

What would happen if you didn’t take the risk? NOTHING! What would happen if you did take the risk? SOMETHING! Powerful!!!

*Never be afraid to take risks.

I see big things for you in your near future what do you see?

With Love, 

Inspirational Communicator Tremayne Johnson


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