The Intention of this Sharing of “Tomorrow” is to discuss the Importance of Action in the NOW.


Have you ever wanted to write a book? Start right NOW! Have you ever wanted to lose some weight? Start right NOW! Have you ever wanted to start a business? Start right NOW! What is that Passion that you keep putting off until tomorrow. The best time to start is NOW!

Have you ever wanted to reconnect with a friend you grew up with or went to school with that you found on facebook or something. The first thing you said was I’ll called them sometime, or someday. Do it NOW! Be In the Present Moment. Think about this…. something happens when you take Action, and nothing happens when you don’t. Its Your Choice!


We are thinking machine…. First there are thoughts and ideas that come to our minds and then there are more thoughts and more thoughts…. It never ends…. Take those thoughts and ideas and get them out of your head and bring them to life. #1. Write your ideas down first and get them out of your head. #2. Make a decision which idea you would like to do first (GO BIG). #3. Do the most you can each day to accomplish that Passion. Block out some time everyday to Create. If your Passion is to write a book start writing before you even know the title. Once you take Action toward Creating your Dream the Universe will react and more things will start to happen, New Ideas will form about the Project, more people will come to help with the Project, Funding might come for the project. You will never know until you take ACTION. ACTION makes it real, its like a Doorway to your Dreams, you will never know what is in there until you open the door.

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Created a poem for me about Unconditional Love for this website. It was really nice but I didn’t know what i wanted to do with it. This idea came to me to call this young lady I met a little while ago and have her do a voice over of the poem. I contacted her and now she is going to sing it. When she is done I’ll let you know. Guess what? Her Dream is be a Singer, she has always wanted to sing and she has a beautiful voice because i had her sing for me before.

Long story short…. Action In the Now things happen. I had an idea about a poem, thought about the person i wanted to do it, contacted them, now she is going to sing it, cause singing is a Dream of hers. Do you see how Perfect that is!

This post is about taking Action in the NOW to create your Passion and Dreams while building the Connection with People to help build it today and to me that is LOVE in Motion.

Most of us live a life of Predictability and not of what’s Possible. Start NOW living your Passion today…. I don’t care what it is, It doesn’t matter how much money you make or what someone else might say.

In New Possibilities of your life there is a way of Being that opens up the Doorway to Discovery of PEACE, JOY and most of all LOVE! Call something New into your life that you never knew was possible and take action towards Creating that Possibility everyday of every moment and watch what happens.

Tomorrow is not promise to anyone. The only time we really have is NOW. Create in the moment. Build in the moment. Forgive in the moment.  LOVE like there is no tomorrow.

Thank You for taking your time out to be with me today in this moment of Creation there is nothing like it in this world. Check out the Unconditional Love Conference & Tour on the event page.

This will be the most Important Conference of your lifetime because its all about “YOU”.

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