The Intention of this sharing of the SUN is to bring awareness to the amazing LOVE that it brings to us each and everyday. 


The Sun makes me feel alive. The Sun gives me so much energy. The Sun gives LOVE to everything it shines upon.

One of my favorite seasons is the Springtime. I LOVE the Spring because there is so much LIFE to Nature…. I walk in Aliveness when the flowers bloom. I just start to feel more happier knowing that Springtime is here. There is so much greenery everywhere from the grass to the trees and to me green represents LOVE.

Today get outside and enjoy the SUN.

Allow the SUN Rays to penetrate your Beingness while the light disperse the darkness. Powerful!

I said to myself just now that today is going to be a GREAT DAY! I’m looking forward to it.     

The Message of today :

“We are here to Create LIFE together”

SOW seeds of LOVE in peoples lives so that they might spread the LOVE to everyone they come in contact with.


Did you know the LOVE AGE has started? 

Created 4/1/2019 by Inspirational Communicator  Tremayne Johnson

We are all energy so I decided to put that LOVE energy out there. Do you see the LOVE in me Creating the LOVE AGE or do you see something else? Its a Choice you have to make.

Share…. If you would have told me two years ago that i would be writing a blog about LOVE I would have said, I’m not a writer. I write to Uplift, and Empower everyone who takes time to read these posts. Allow me to Inspire you to seek that special something that makes you happy and gives you JOY. That’s what LOVE does for me.

Everyone believes and knows that oxygen is real but you can’t even see it…. believe in LOVE and you will FEEL it. Powerful!

With LOVE,

Tremayne Johnson

“There’s so many reasons to LOVE, Choose One”. Tremayne Johnson



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