The Intention of this sharing of The LIGHT is to Connect with YOU on a deeper level of Understanding.


The LIGHT Is LOVE. The LOVE Is LIGHT. Go to the darkest place you know and turn on the light. What happen? Right, the darkest is gone. Where there is LIGHT, darkness can’t exist. YOU are LIGHT. YOU are LOVE. 

If anyone talks about separation, control, hatred or judgment it is not the Truth.

The TRUTH Is when we live a life for LOVE towards ourselves and others we build a connection of togetherness in Unity which brings forth the LIGHT from within, which is Brighter than the SUN.

Imagine 7.5 Billion LIGHT’s shining at once. Where would the darkness be? There wouldn’t be any. That’s why the Connection with people and Being ONE with the Creator in Unity in a non judgmental, and non controlling way is the Key to Peace on Earth.

Have you ever heard that saying…. The world needs more LOVE. Here’s the reason… human beings think its easier to be negative than to BE LOVE. Think about it for second! How many times do you get negative, mad, sad, angry, upset, frustrated, or jealous at anybody or any situation in a day. BE Honest! Now, compare that to the amount of times YOU get Happy, Excited, Joyful, Peaceful, Positive and LOVING.

Its time to tip the scale towards LOVE/LIGHT by BEING LOVE In every moment of every day toward yourself and others letting your LIGHT shine bright so the world could see LOVE/LIGHT In Motion. Once you start, you will become aware when you are not and that would be a great time to change your action to a LOVING Action.

Just ask yourself…. What do LOVE look like here? How would LOVE act in this situation? How would LOVE BE In this moment?

If no one ever told you that YOU are the LIGHT, or that YOU are LOVE, Its my PLEASURE to let you know. YOU are a beautiful gift to this world and I LOVE YOU!

All you have to do NOW Is BE LOVE in the world and let your LIGHT shine Bright.

Being LOVE/LIGHT will help you see through the illusions of life without the fear, and negativity for yourself and others bringing us closer together In LOVE with new possibilities for this world.

Have you ever work on a team that everyone brought a different skill set to the table to complete a major project with trust, focus, determination and at the end of the day was able to complete the project on time, on budget, and together as One.

Imagine a bigger team 7.5 Billion Strong coming together in Unity with the Creator to bring your unique gifts to the world for the greater good of Humanity and the Planet.

Its start with YOU…. Today i want you to do something for the LOVE of it. It doesn’t matter what it is, if it feels good then do it again, and if that was amazing then do it again, and if that got you excited then invite people Into your space to share your exciting ideas and ways of being in the moment building a stronger foundation of Co-Creators with newer ideas for a brighter future. That is LOVE! That is the LIGHT!

Do you know the effects of BEING LOVE? The LIGHT 

Thank you for Feeling this Expression of LIGHT/LOVE, its time to get started!

Check out the Unconditional LOVE Conference & Tour on the event page. Dates and Venues are coming soon. This will be the most Important Conference of your life because its “ALL about YOU”.

Sponsors and Donations Needed! Give without Expectations and see what happens. Thank You!


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