The Intention of this Sharing on “Story” is to show how we as human being are story creating machines.


The world around us is like a Mirror Effect. Everything that is happening on the outside is a reflection of something going on within us in some form or another. Think about that!

What are your focusing on? or What are you going through?

Short Story

Your boyfriend called you and said, he wasn’t going to be able to pick you up today so, you would have to catch the train. A thought pop in your head…. I have to catch the train and walk home today. “I hope nothing crazy happens going home today”. You had a long day, but now you have to catch the train to go home. Here we go…. You are ready for the walk to the train station…. “I hope nothing crazy happens on the way to the train station”…. You hear the loud police car, 10 minutes later…. You hear an Ambulance. You say, that was crazy. You finally get to train station and you say…. “I hope nothing crazy happens on the train”. Two minutes into the ride…. a baby starts crying, you look, 5 minutes later…. a couple starts yelling at each other right beside you. You are almost to your stop…. then some kids get on the train yelling loud, and singing, you arrive at your stop. Man that was crazy! You are almost home. All you have is a five minute walk home…. “I hope nothing crazy happens on my walk home”…. you start the walk, 3 minutes into the walk home, a jogger passes you from behind but it made you a little nervous. Down the street there is a homeless looking man walking towards you, so you get a little scared when you get up to him, he ask you for some change, you annoyed him and kept going. You are almost home. You are at the steps of your building and you heard a loud noise, you turn around and it was a car accident. You get to the door, but you can’t find your keys, Ok! You found yours keys, and opened your door to the building. You get inside and you say, that was a crazy trip home. Now, you are a little mad at your boyfriend because if he would have came to pick you up today none of that would have happen to you.

The reality was nothing happen to you, something just happen but you put everything into that same category…. “I hope nothing crazy happens on my way home”.

You had a thought and then you created a whole story around that thought to make it a reality but it was all an illusion. So go apologize to your boyfriend and then make him his favorite meal a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The END!

Thanks for taking the time to read this Short Story of how life can be generated by one crazy thought. All of those thing would have still happen but you would have been focusing on something else like…. “I hope I find some money today going home” 🙂

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