The Intention of this Sharing on “Rules” is to let you know that you can change the rules in your life at any moment in your life.

We as Human Being are rule creating machines.  Its incredible! We make rules, on top of rules, on top of rules. How many rules do you have in your book of life, when it comes to living life?

I would guarantee that you have rules for Relationships, Lifestyle, Financial, Religion, Family, Beliefs, Eating etc. These are filters in life that are blocking you from being who you really are. Some are needed to a certain degree I guess, to keep you discipline but most of the rules just keep you trapped in a little box. Imagine taking away all of those rules in your life. How would your life change? How would you express your self in this world today if you took those chains off, I meant take away the rules that no longer serve you. Think about that for a second.

To me discipline or not, rules are made to be broken.

Imagine taking away all the rules that you created in your life. What would you be left with? Right! You would be left with nothing but freedom to be, do, say whatever you want. Is that a good thing. Yes! Its a Great Thing! Its like starting over. Giving yourself a clean slate to just be YOU.

Have you every heard this before…. I was raised like this, or I’m going to always be like this, or that’s just who I AM. No! that’s not who you are, No! You don’t always have to be like that, and Yes! You was raised like that, but Who are you Now!

The only way that you can get a fresh start in life is that you let the past be the past and you let it go, so that you can just be in the present moment to create that next step into your future.

Larry Pearson once told me “GO BIG” and Walk into your BIGNESS.

I will never forgot that. Just like I would never forget that the Creator’s Desire is for us to express and experience the LOVE that created US.

We have to believe in ourselves at a much higher rate than we do, if we want to see what this beautiful world has to offer us outside the box.

ALL you really have is Now! Make that decision…. to Choose that other path, take that other road, find that new relationship, choose that belief that makes you happy, do what you want to do and just BE YOU.

FREE with no limits.

I’m so excited for you right NOW! I’m even more excited for me because I have so many rules that just don’t make any sense in my life that i need to let go of, so that I can be free to be ME. I can’t wait to see the new relationship you get into, take pictures. I LOVE YOU!

See you at the Unconditional Love Conference & Tour when it comes to your area. Check it out on the event Page. This will be the most Important Conference of this Lifetime because it’s ALL about YOU. Thank You!


  1. I LOVE this and totally agree! While I’ve often talked about the “beliefs” that keep us caged, looking at those same thoughts as “rules” is a fresh approach. I agree with you, Tremayne, these rules are to be broken to be finally free from our limiting beliefs. The God I believe in doesn’t have rules, only love.


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