What is a war? Most wars are when two opposing forces can’t settle a disagreement which results in a major conflict of violence towards each other. Who wins? No one! The winner doesn’t win and the loser doesn’t win. It has to be a better way, Period!

One way to stop a fire is to throw water on it. 

Do you know the way to stop an argument? “Give Love” to it.

The Intention of this Sharing on Reaction is to further open our hearts to connect with one another with Love.

We hold on to the past like it was baggage or kick people out of our lives like its normal. I understand people can do some crazy things to each other sometimes and they think its okay but what if you could keep most of these people in your life just by changing how you react to them. Most of the time we take our situations of pain or hurt out on the ones we love and don’t even know it.

Instead of fighting fire with fire like you always do, why not “Spread Love” to overcome hate.

People get angry, mad, frustrated and are negative when they are loveless. The next time a coworker, family, friend or a person on the street gets upset with you for whatever reason, react with Love. When we rise above the situation to the highest vibration of all everything will start to change. In my life most people i found just want to be heard, seen, or respected and this is there way of getting attention …. give them Love.

Its really not your responsibility to give love, its your obligation to Be LOVE in each an every moment of your life. This conversation is not about telling you what to do or how to be because you have the choice to do what you want to do. I know most of you are saying that’s crazy but its not.

What if you could change the world? I know that sounds hard to believe to some but it is possible. The “King of Pop” Michael Jackson said it best …. “If you want to make this world a better place take a look at yourself an make that change”. That statement is so Powerful! Check out my Conversation on “YOU”.

What if i told you that there was another possibility to any situation than to get angry, mad, or frustrated with someone, would you believe me? OK! Next time your kids do something you don’t like, don’t get mad …. give Love, Next time your husband do something that makes you mad …. give Love, Next time your wife does something to make you mad …. give Love, Next time someone cuts you off in traffic …. give Love, Next time someone yells at you …. give Love, Next time your mom does something you don’t like …. give Love, Next time a co worker does something to you …. give Love, Next time your pet does something you don’t like …. give Love. I told you there was another way to communicate other than with anger. “GIVE LOVE!”

“Give Love”, What does that mean? I could explain it to you from my point of view but your Discovery of Love is for you. One question you could ask yourself is …. What do “Love look” like here? How would “Love Communicate” in this moment? How would “Love Listen” in this moment? How would “Love Be” in the this moment? You should be able to find your answers for any situation with these questions.

Here’s some exercises …. the next person that gets mad with you for whatever reason don’t react with anger it will only escalate, react with Love and watch what happens.

Start to become aware of how many times you get mad or upset in a day. When you are aware of how you are Being in the moment it will be a great opportunity to change, you have to notice it first.

How can you change something that you are not aware of. Think about that!

Thank You for taking the time out of your busy schedule to read this, I really do appreciate you.

“GIVE LOVE” one situation at a time and see what happens. Thank You!

Check out some of the videos i uploaded. I know you will find something that will “Inspire” and or “Empower” YOU.

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