The Intention of this Sharing on “People” is to open my Heart towards others and let the LIGHT shine.


You are so Important! In this world, In other peoples lives, and to this planet. Without you there would be no life. Without the Creator there would be no life to live. Without the planet there would be no life to BE. Think about that!

You are the master key in this world, in connection with others, in Unity, with the Creator, as ONE.

Can you Imagine a world full of LOVE, PEACE, and HARMONY? I Can! Martin Luther King’s Dream is my Reality. I can see it as clear as a sun raise.

When you seek the LIGHT from the LOVE within, you open up a doorway to a new way of Being for you and for everyone around you.

In LOVE…. You are the reflection of the LIGHT to the people around you. In LOVE…. We are the reflection of the LIGHT that created us. In LOVE…. The LIGHT will shine as bright as the Sun forever cause The LIGHT is LOVE. That’s Powerful!

Let me explain that a little more…. BE LOVE in every moment of your life, then people would see that LIGHT that shines within you. The reflection of the LIGHT would be that mirror for others, to raise their vibration to yours in LOVE and together your LIGHTS will shine bright In UNITY with LOVE/LIGHT.

To access the LIGHT is through LOVE for self and others without judgment or control.

Let me go Deeper…. The Light is what we seek, the LOVE is really the access to get there. Imagine a trip for a vacation. There is YOU, the Journey, and the Destination. Ok! There is YOU…. The Being,…. The Journey is the BEINGNESS of LOVE with self and others,…. the Destination is the LIGHT.  In reality, there is no where to get to, only a REMEMBERING of Who You Are and that is LOVE, and that LOVE is the LIGHT. I say all this in separate parts so you can understand that the reality is, its all ONE. There is no separation between YOU and the LIGHT so when you understand that you have everything you need to connect to the LIGHT. The LIGHT will say “Welcome Home” I’ve been waiting for you.

Share…. When I finally understood that i had everything i needed to connect to the LIGHT it was the best feeling of my life. Sure I had to work out some doubt issues, and some fear thoughts, and trying to control everything in my life. I had to just let it go and see what my higher calling was.

Imagine finally getting that understanding that I AM suppose to Spread LOVE throughout the World one person at a time. Since you are a reflection of me, then guess what your mission in life is. I can’t tell you what your mission in life is but if you feel called to Spread LOVE in the world then do it, with no expectations, no judgment, no control, no agenda,  Just Pure Unconditional Love in Unity with each other as ONE with the Creator.

Thank you for taking your time out of your busy schedule to read this, I really appreciate you so much. Check out the event page for the Unconditional Love Conference & Tour. This will be the most Important Conference of your Lifetime because its “All about YOU”.

Sponsors and Donation Needed! Give without Expectations and see what happens. Thank You!


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