The Intention of this sharing of “ONE HEARTBEAT” is to gain support for a LOVE Movement.


Are HEARTBEATS that believe in the POWER of LOVE. They know that ONE HEARTBEAT can change the world. See, ONE HEARTBEAT is the GREATEST GIFT this world has ever seen. ONE HEARTBEAT understands that its going to take work, courage, and most of all its going to take UNITY. ONE HEARTBEAT knows if you want to do it small do it by yourself BUT if you want to do it BIG get some support. There is no such thing as small in ONE HEARTBEATS mind. ONE HEARTBEAT Believes in Going BIG and Walking into your BIGGEST! Thank YOU!

One HEARTBEAT is a Kickstarter Reward Name for those that Donate $1.00 + plus towards the Movie I’m creating called “THE GREAT HEARTBEAT” which has to do with LOVE In Action which is the Unconditional Love Conference.

Here’s a Brief Description of THE GREAT HEARTBEAT

A Human Journey to Remember Who we Really Are and in every step of the journey we find that the Connection that everyone has in common in the world is LOVE and through that HEART Space that Sacred Place finds that people are the Greatest Gift to this world and in Love & Unity with the Creator is the Bridge to Peace on Earth. A Quest to bring that Vision to Reality ONE Connection at a time.

The Connection comes through events like The Unconditional Love Conference & Tour, its a 2 year project in real time which means I will need some support by everyone who wants to join. 

Go to my Kickstarter Page and Give! “THE GREAT HEARTBEAT”

Thank You! For taking the time to read this Post I really do appreciate you so much and I’m ready to show it with the Unconditional Love Conference & Tour and the Movie “THE GREAT HEARTBEAT”. There are 7.5 Billion Reason to GIVE and Zero reasons not to. Its Your Choice!

Sponsors and Donations Needed! Give without expectations and watch what happens. I LOVE YOU! 


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