The Intention of this Sharing of “NO” is to offered you another option “Just say NO”.


Unconditional Love is a Way of Being. Its not about YES, YES, YES all the time. Sometimes you have to say NO. No is not a negative word. You as a human being can’t be everything to everyone.

 YOU have to create healthy boundaries for your life. You have to make the best decisions for you in your life experiences. You have to make the best choices for your highest good.

In this beautiful world we live in there is no right or wrong its only the choices you make in your life at any given moment. When you are aware that the choice you made wasn’t for your highest good you can choose to make a another choice that fits who you really are. This is the Journey, this is Life, this is LOVE.

 Love will be there when you are going through your most difficult challenges. Love will be there no matter what choices you make. Love will be there through all the heart break.

 The Universe gives you free range to do whatever you want. Its your choice to make the decisions for your highest good and learn from life experiences by growing into a new way of being, whatever that is for you.

Finding balance in all areas of your of life is the key to life.

Don’t say YES….

Don’t say Yes because that’s what you think someone wants to hear…. Don’t say Yes because they are your friend…. Don’t say Yes because you are scared of what they might think of you…. Don’t say Yes because of what they might say about you…. Don’t say Yes if you don’t have it to give…. Don’t say Yes because you feel pressured…. Don’t say Yes if you can’t.

If you can’t help someone say NO…. If you can’t take someone somewhere say NO…. If you can’t do something for someone say NO…. 

You have to trust that whatever someone else is going through they will find a way if you can’t assist them. Period!

Honesty plays a big role in our lives. I’m not just talking about honesty to others,  I’m talking about honesty to yourself. The most Important word I want you to learn more about is Integrity.

Live your life with complete Integrity and everything will be okay.

For a long time in my life I had been a people pleaser, a giver which only left me feeling drained and under appreciated by everyone but it wasn’t about them taking advantage of me it was more about me being honest to myself about what I could do and what I couldn’t do when helping them. I develop this anger for life because I felt so used and overworked by people but I found out later in life that I created everything in my life. I declared from then on that I would use the word NO in my vocabulary and grow from this experience in my life. Now I’m free to be more and do more towards things that I LOVE.

Don’t feel bad for living with Integrity, Be honest about your truth.

Thank You! Check out the Unconditional Love Conference & Tour I. This will be the most Important conference of this lifetime because its all about “YOU”.


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