The Intention of this Sharing on “LIFE” is to express how important the Understanding that LIFE Is LOVE in every sense of the word.


Some of us see life through a pinhole of what is possible. Imagine if you didn’t have the blinders, filters, excuses, expectations, limitation, judgment, revenge, problems and fear. What would your life be like? How many of those things do you have in your life? Better yet which one of these things don’t you have.

What if I told you that there was another possibility to view life…. See life through a Blackhole as the Creator, the Builder, the Inventor. To put it Simple see LIFE as YOU. YOU are everything, so be the Creator, Builder and Inventor in your own life and don’t stop. Ok! Maybe you can get a little sleep ;).

I see a World full of Fearless Intelligent Beings capable of many Miraculous things where the possibilities are endless, unlimited, without control, or judgment. Do you see it? I’m talking about YOU yes, YOU.

I see the Light within You as bright as Creation itself…. I see through a Blackhole where there’s nothing but space to create a new invention or a life of new possibilities, a blank canvas to create your new story, a new color to Discover called it Glory, a new melody to bring to life because sound heals everything. Now do you see how I see YOU.

If you are not here for the world what are you here for? Think about That!

The Meaning of Life….Please give me your definition I have no answers for you because each and every human being has to get to a point where they choose to seek the answers from within and come up with their own answers to that question and there is no right or wrong.

Here’s mine…. is to BE LOVE In MOTION…. BE LOVE for LOVE In LOVE…. Be Love is my way of BEING in this world to myself and others. For Love is for the Creator that created US. In LOVE is UNITY with the people, the earth and all Creation that surround US. That’s Powerfully!

Love is Simple, we just have to do it without fear. 

Are you ready?  The Desire of the Creator is for you to express and experience the LOVE that Created YOU. LOVE is Everything. Here’s an interesting question? Do you see yourself as LOVE? See there you go with the sometimes again. I can accept that, we are all a work in progress. I would love to offer you another possibility of how you could view things…. see yourself as whole and complete already because you are and subtract the negativity. Don’t see yourself as Half & Half. You are LOVE, Period!

How you see things matter…. you have everything you need already, everything else is extra, seeing the glass half empty is of lack. A Positive Outlook on life is the key to everything. Change your thoughts and stay Positive.

 See LOVE in everything that includes any situation you are in. Here’s an other example…. Raise your hand if you walk around saying I AM broke! Everyone in the world should have there hands up. That is a false statement. I’m going to leave that open for you to fill in the blank.

I’m not broke…. I AM…. stay positive, confident, honest and In LOVE and see what your answer is….

Thank You for taking your time out of your busy schedule to read this post on LIFE. Your time means everything to me. Check out the event page on the Unconditional Love Conference & Tour, the dates are coming soon and I look forward to meeting YOU.

Sponsors and Donations Needed! Give without Expectations and see what happens. I LOVE YOU! 



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