The Intention of this sharing on “Karma” is to offer a basic understanding of how you are Being in this world, it matters more than you know it.

Have you ever heard …. “your actions speak louder than words, “what you do come back to you, or “what goes around comes around.

Karma to me…. is the actions of your present that come back to you from your past in some form or another when you are consciously acting in an unloving manner towards others. The Conversation we are having is just on this lifetime, right now.

Think about this, What if every action that you did right now came back to you. What are you doing? What have you done? Just this conversation alone is deep on so many levels.

Do you lie? Do you cheat? Do you steal? Do you Hate? or Do you Love? Do you trust? Do you Help? Its all your choice. But if your actions came back to you, why would you want negative things to come to back to. I want only the good things to come back to me. There is a balance of what we think good or bad is because maybe you didn’t realize what you were doing in the moment was negative or bad. Sometimes living in the heat of the moment things happen and you wish you had said or done that or this and you wish you could take it all back. I understand!

What if i told you that forgiveness is the key to breaking karmic cycles of resentment. When real forgiveness happens there is an energetic change that starts a healing process between you and the other person.

Real forgiveness to another happens when your sincere feelings are expressed in a way to acknowledge the situation and its negative impact on those around you that whatever you did or whatever you said will never happen again.

Real forgiveness to yourself is expressed in a way to learn and understand  from the life experience and to not let it happen again as you grow into a new way of Being.

Side question…. Can you steal from yourself? Yes, You can steal from yourself the opportunity to live a life full of Love and Peace in this world by not building the connection with each other in Unity with the Creator because of the way you are being. You have to make that decision to change who you are, to Be who you are.

When we are able to mature from our life lessons that impact our lives and others we will create a connection with each other that will be felt for generation to come.

We are Spiritual Being living a human experience and things happen. To grow from our experiences first we have to be aware of it, and accept it as a lesson of life and then we have to raise above it, understanding that the way we were Being impacted everyone around us.

Share…. In my life i believe in learning from life experiences and growing. I don’t see Karma i see opportunities to grow in a way that i never have before. I don’t want to keep learning a lesson i should have learned already and keep going around and around. My next lifetime…. I want to live a life full of Love and Compassion for all… Period! That is MY NOW!

One way to do this is to have your thoughts match your action. Think about that! I didn’t say your positive thoughts should match your positive action. I said your thoughts should match your actions. Its your choice! When you make the choice whatever it is the universe will work out the rest for your experience.

The thoughts/ideas that I’m generating are matching my actions toward a world full of LOVE and Compassion in Unity with the Creator so much that I AM Creating a Worldwide Conference called the Unconditional Love Conference to spread Love in this world forever. I AM LOVE!

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to read this i really do appreciate you so much and i Look forward to Being with you at the Unconditional Love Conference & Tour when it comes to your area.

Sponsors and Donations are Needed! Give without expectations and see what happens. Thank You!


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