The Intention of this sharing of “Honoring Your Parents” is to show how Important they are in our lives.

Honoring Your Parents

Parents have the most Important responsibility in the world. They get a chance to raise the next generation.

Please take some time to Honor Your Parents. They gave you the best of them. Every parent in the world did the best they could with what they had. Some…. didn’t have enough but they made do. Some…. had to did it all on their own. Some…. didn’t know what they were doing and they made it work. Some…. made sure you had the best things money could buy. Some…. gave you all the LOVE they had.

Some…. taught you everything they knew so that you could grow up to be just like them. Some…. raised you so that you could follow in their footsteps. Some…. even named you after them.

The main reason to Honor Your Parents is because they gave you LIFE.

Sometimes as kids we think we know better than the parents and most of the time we don’t. Respect goes a long way. Even if you think you are right…. don’t disrespect them. Even if you think you are right…. don’t argue with them. Even if you think you are right…. don’t yell at them. Even if you think you are right…. don’t be angry with them. Even if you think you are right…. don’t fight with them. Even if you think you right…. don’t use them.


Maybe its time…. to forgive and forget. Maybe its time…. to call them just to say Hi, they would LOVE that one. Maybe its time…. to visit them. Maybe its time…. to spend some time with them. Maybe its time…. to go places with them.┬áMaybe its time…. to remember them and all that they did for you. Maybe its time…. to LOVE them. Powerful!

You only get one set of parents in your lifetime why not treat them like GOLD. YOU are THEM! Powerful!

Share…. I was raised by my mom and she didn’t play any games because she had to raise two growing boys all by her self. I understand now that she did the best she could with what she had and I LOVE her for that. Without her who would I run to when I fall down. Who would I…. cry to when I was sad. Who would I…. hug when i was scared. Who would make me eat my vegetables with no dessert. Now I LOVE vegetables.

I LOVE YOU MA, cause without you there would be no me. 

Look back at everything your parents did for you and HONOR them because without them you wouldn’t be here.   

I would like to Thank Your Parents for having you because without YOU who would I be writing for and who would I be able to express myself too.

Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to read this post. I really do appreciate you so much. I hope to see you at the Unconditional Love Conference. Check it out on the event page.

With LOVE!

Tremayne Johnson

“There’s so many reason to LOVE, Choose One.” Tremayne Johnson

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