The Intention of this Sharing on “Everyone” was a message of PURE LOVE that keeps GIVING.


What if everyone saw everyone as Beings of Light…. What if everyone saw everyone as LOVE before the fight…. What if everyone saw everyone‘s HEART as it Beats…. then everyone i mean everyone would be dancing in the streets.

What if everyone I mean everyone thought before they speak then we would make that connection with the CREATOR and we would say, war R.est I.n P.eace.

Everyone knows what I’m trying to say…. Choose LOVE and we’ll see brighter days. Choose LOVE and we’ll get through all the pain. I Choose LOVE and I trust it everyday…. I Live LOVE and its there when I Pray….

I Be LOVE when I connect with people and they see a mirror reflect, when they see the LIGHT of LOVE, its nothing but RESPECT.

I see the CREATOR in YOU and YOU see the CREATOR in ME, lets hold hands together and walk in UNITY. I LOVE YOU!

WOW! Look what I just wrote. LOVE is an energy that keeps on GIVING.

See you at the Unconditional Love Conference & Tour when it comes to your area…. I’ll bring all the LOVE I have, if you bring all the LOVE YOU have.


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