The Intention of this Sharing on Desire is about spreading “LOVE with ALL” Period!

The Simple Truth…. The Desire of your Creator is for you to express and experience the Love that created you.

Desire is the key to what you receive. If you desire it, you shall receive it.

What do you want? Most people really don’t know. Here’s a quick story about a man who won the lottery. This gentlemen has so much money that he brought everything and anything he wanted because he would get the money back in interest. He brought statues and everything just because no matter what he brought he was going to get the money back in interest. He purchased so much stuff that he didn’t really need. His beautiful home had became a storage of clutter no matter how beautiful the items was he purchased. Is it really about money and getting material things because you can.

I couldn’t tell you what i would do with more money than i could spend in a lifetime.

What I can tell you is, I’m in this space where when I’m creating from nothing towards something bigger than myself and at the same time it is me, I can feel it. When I create anything around Peace & Love its an Amazing Feeling.

Its a combination of my purpose, passion, & mission all into One now that’s LOVE, that’s the Creator. When I share the LOVE within me, you get to feel the pure essence of Who I AM…. LOVE. When i connect with You then it multiplies on this unbelievable level that i get to experience over and over again and each and every time it feels like the first time, so its always new for me.

Lets go deeper…. When i seek the Light with Love from my Heart and Soul there is something that Miraculously happens with my way of Being in this world. I know, its not about money which is a temporary fix, its about the Connection to People in LOVE that makes this life worth living in Unity with the Creator which is the greatest gift of ALL, and that is LOVE/ the Creator’s Plan.

“See Each and Every Being as the Creator as Yourself”

Imagine this…. the next person you see if you saw them as the Creator or as Yourself, why would you harm them, or do anything bad to them, or say anything negative to them no matter how they are expressing their self in this world. Raise above each situation in your life to a whole new level of Being. And in order to get to where you are everything around you has to raise their vibration out of the negativity.

Why would you let someone bring you down? You are stronger than that. How about you bring them up out of the sewage there in no matter what the situation is.

I Love it when i go deep into this space of nothingness where everything just comes out, its so much needed for this planet and beyond. Everything starts with YOU and ends with YOU. One “Being” can transform the planet.

I needed that today! I’m so excited you took the time out of your busy schedule to read this, i really do appreciate you. We all can do our part to make this world a better place for all. The time is NOW!

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Sponsors & Donations Needed! Give without expectations and see what happens. Thank You!


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