The Intention of this Sharing on “Blockages” is to offer you the opportunity to be Aware of how you are Being and Why? Oh! You thought blockages were permanent. I think Not!

When someone speaks of Love what is the first organ of the body you think of? Right! The Heart. What if I told you that the Heart was the Access Point to the Creator. It Is!

Every emotion negative or positive has everything to do with how you express yourself which has something to do with the Heart Ex…. Happiest, Joy, Compassion, Love, Hate, Anger, Mad, Sad, Frustrated, and biggest one of all Fear. What if i told you that every single time you have a negative situation that happens in your life no matter how big or small, that you build up a block around the Heart. Some people created Fort Knots around their Heart. We try to shield it from getting it hurt again, its almost like a protection, at least we think it is. What if i told you that each and every time you put up these blockages that it also stops you from Loving and Being Loved. Think about that for second!

Have you ever been cheated on? or Hurt by a friend? or Seen someone go through something so terrible and you said that’s not going to be me. We position all these emotional and behavioral patterns over the one thing that gives us access to the Light…. the Heart.

The access to the Light is through the Heart with Love within You and the way of Being in life towards yourself and others in the world.

Why is it so hard to Love? We can figure out everything else in our life except how to love ourselves and others. I understand people do some mean things sometimes to each other and most of the time we don’t know how to take it or how to react to it.

Understanding emotional and behavioral patterns within you is a major key in accessing the Love within. Oh! Did I tell you that the Love didn’t go anywhere. LOVE never dies & and Light of the Creator doesn’t dim, its the same LOVE/LIGHT its always been. You just have to remember that you are connected at all times.

In your daily life…. find a reason to be nice…. do it! If you saw something that made you smile…. do it! If you see someone in need of your help and you can…. do it! If you find a reason to be kind…. do it! Find things that bring that Joy back…. PLEASE! When was the last time you Laugh? Surround yourself with people that make you happy. Focus all your energy on the good things in your life that is happening in the moment from the smaller to the smallest things in your life. It doesn’t have to be big to bring you excitement.

This would be called Creating a Habit or Routine around Being Aware of the good in your life.

Share…. In my life i disconnected from everyone because i only seen people as takers and since I’m a giver i found myself drained from doing so much for others that it left me lonely in this world. Think about this, if i’m the creator of my own life experiences don’t i have the chance to change anything at anytime of my life. Sure i do! So i chose to see the pure essence of Love in everyone, i chose to forgive anyone whomever did me wrong. I chose to let the past be the past. Its about taking back control of my life so that I can live my life.

Now I’m able to express myself from my Heart with Love in each and every moment of my life. Is it easy? No, but i work on it everyday which makes it become easier. What else is more important than LOVE! Its the only thing that is REAL.

Would you rather walk around smiling or mad? You have the power to choose! I rather walk around on cloud nine all day long. Sometimes i get knocked off but i get right back on. When you get knocked off your cloud there is a lesson to be learned, please learn the lesson then get right back on.

Lessons you learn are building blocks for a better version of yourself. Ask Yourself.  Why did this situation make me mad? Why am i angry right now? Why do I hate her/them/him? Why was i being so mean to that person? Once you are aware of the lesson being taught you have the right to change how you are being in that moment. Think about it!

Awareness is key to lessons being learned. As we learn the lessons of life we grow in understanding and wisdom and we start to Love again for any situation.

Thank You! For taking your time out of your busy schedule to read this I really do appreciate you so much. Take a look at the Unconditional Love Conference on the event page this is the Biggest Dream of my lifetime to bring into Reality. A World filled with LOVE. This will be one of the most Important Conferences of your lifetime Cause its “All about You”.

Sponsors and Donations needed! Give without expectation and see what happens. Thank You!


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