The Intention of this Sharing on “Balance” is to bring your focus to Love/Light.


The world needs more LOVE. Its simple to say and do, but do you really understand what I’m talking about. LOVE is the Way of Being in the Presence without judgment, control, attachment, fear, expectations, or an agenda.

Even Christmas is more about…. I hope I get the present I wanted, how many did I get, he/she better got me something, I hope they kept the receipt, she/he know I don’t like this, I didn’t want this/that, he/she better like this or I spent $ on presents this year.

There is no judgment here its just the way we have been conditioned to be, around this time of the year including me.

“The Presence Is the Gift”

Share…. My Declaration this year was to be more connected to family, and friends because over the past years I’ve been so disconnected for no reason at all. At one time I needed to see LOVE to be LOVE cause i was content on being alone but as soon as I was aware of my Being i had to make a change.

To Balance the Negativity we need to spread LOVE throughout the world. YOU will never know how many people you will effect from your way of Being In LOVE. You will never know what someone else is going through or what they may need to help them get through what they are going through but if you just BE LOVE then LOVE will take care of the rest.

LOVE is automatic…. when you turn on the LIGHT, what happens to the darkest? It goes away! LOVE Is LIGHT! The LIGHT Is LOVE! 

Imagine a see saw of the world where we have more Negativity than Positivity. In order to bring more LOVE in the world we have to be more and do more Positive things in this world. We have to focus on the positive, and all the good things going on around us no matter how small or how big the situation is.

When we get to the point where we can see the best in a bad situation then we are Awaken to a Higher Way of Being in this world. I’m not saying you are not supposed to have emotions I’m saying…. channel your energy and focus your emotions towards the Solution and not the problem, on Compassion and not the situation, on LOVE and not the illusion. Powerful!

Have you ever made any mistakes in your life? What did you do to yourself, for punishment? You didn’t hit yourself! No, cause that would be crazy. Then why would you hit your kids when they make a mistake or get mad when someone does something. Believe me i understand discipline but could their be another possibility to the situation. We all make mistakes. Think about that!

Each and every person in this beautiful world of ours must find the LOVE In every situation, and Be LOVE In every Moment to change the direction of the planet. This is not just a post its a call for ACTION. Powerful!

Thank You for feeling my Call for ACTION! I really do appreciate you so much. When I Inspire just ONE then i can move on to the next ONE. Thank You!

Check out the Conference on the Event Page…. The Unconditional Love Conference & Tour. This will be the most Important Conference of your Life time because its “ALL about YOU”. Thank YOU!


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