“LOVE is the CURE!” is a blessed message from Sister Jenna from the Brahma Kumaris Meditation Museum in the DMV area. Located at 9525 Georgia Ave. Silver Spring, MD and 1984 Chain Bridge Rd #201, Mclean VA.

The Meditation Museum is a wonder place to learn about Meditation and finding out “Who you really are”. People meditate for all sorts of reasons. To relax, calm down, relieve stress, improve relationships, or to just understand themselves. Give it a try!

If you are ever in the DMV area please stop by for a workshop or to just meditate. With over 200 free events every year i know you will find something you’ll LOVE.

Go to www.MeditationMuseum.org to find out more about their upcoming events.

Download the “Pause for Peace” app

Listen to America Meditating Radio Show 24/7

Meditation is for everyone so you are included.



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