The Intention of a ‘Meetup Community” is to bring people together for a LOVE moment.

Meetup Community

Here’s another One of my amazing ideas….

I created a meetup community call the Unconditional Love Conference.

Sign up to join my meetup community and many other amazing communities.

What I LOVE about Meetup….

Meetup is the best way to build a global community of like minded individuals who are interested in the same things you are. 

There are meetup communities for everything under the sun. If you can Imagine it, there might be a meetup for it. If not, create one and watch how the people will start to support you.

I’m in the DC area but you can join from anywhere just to be a part of the community.

As of 2/11/2019 I’m at 70 members and counting. I started on 2/4/2019. 

I look forward to you joining and helping build a larger meetup community in the name of LOVE.

Thank You! Check out the Unconditional Love Conference on the event page. This will be the most Important conference of this lifetime because its all about “YOU. 



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