This Kickstarter Campaign is currently closed due to only $2.00 in pledging.  The Bonfire t-shirt booster is currently closed due to no sales on the t-shirts. Thank you to both the $1.00 pledges that did contribute to the campaign project.  


December 11, 2018 I launched a kickstarter campaign for a Movie called ” “The Great HeartBeat” its a movie about LOVE In Motion. The Kickstarter programs are All or Nothing projects, if you get the projected fund goal you get the funds if you don’t get it, you get nothing. My goals is $25,000 to start the project.

On December 11, 2018 I got my first $1.00… from the Creative Fund.

A  short description of the Movie

A Human Journey to create that connection of LOVE in Motion throughout the world ONE Connection at a time with projects such as the Unconditional Love Conference & Tour. Capturing the real time experience of the Love Movement from everyone who joins in or is a part of the project.

I started a t-shirt booster campaign with Bonfire check out the link:

The Great HEARTBEAT t-shirt Design 

The t-shirt booster campaign is to generate funds for the Movie which is the entire project including the Unconditional Love Conference. Bonfire has all sizes available in White, Black, Gray color t-shirts.

You can give in many different ways check out my Kickstarter page.

Wish me LOVE!

Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to read this post I really do appreciate you so much.  Check the Unconditional Love Conference & Tour on the event page. This will be one of the most important conference of your lifetime because its all about “YOU”.

Sponsors & Donations Needed! Give without expectations and watch what happens. Thank You!


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