Sheila Cash is the “New Human Master Coach.” Author of the #1 Bestsellers, “Evolve Your Life” and  “Success Breakthroughs with Jack Canfield”, she is the CEO of Evolve Your Life, LLC – a company specializing in evolutionary consulting for adaptation of spiritual consciousness in the 21st century. She is an international teacher, speaker,and facilitator in the fields of human potential and conscious evolution. Over the last two decades, she has founded numerous progressive groups on transformational consciousness.  Integrating theories from epigenetics and quantum physics, her teachings are dynamic – calibrating with evolutionary shifts in consciousness.

Sheila’s philosophy is that a longstanding, epidemic amount of cultural conditioning of personal disempowerment has taken place at our physical, emotional and spiritual levels, and it is time to embody a new paradigm of empowerment and wholeness starting at our cellular level. She has innovated a proprietary system of practices in cellular consciousness based on leading-edge science in epigenetics that brings radical new integration in personal healing. Sheila seeks to awaken our cellular authority as she guides clients into groundbreaking processes that shift them from a traditionally conditioned state of disempowerment – to true empowerment at the root of body consciousness.

Sheila’s guided meditations and gratitude infusions have been called “poetry for your cells.”

You can connect with Sheila at:


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