ONE is a creation from my Heart with Love to forward the Conversation of how Powerful we are as Human Being when...

How To BE Hue-Man: Code Agate

The Bandaid Room http://youtu.be/R13M32sbyg0 The Bandaid Room has Classes available NOW! Learn from an Amazing Instructor her name is Shi. for more info go to: www.bandaidroom.com Thank You!


Hi, I'm Dandapani.I’m a Hindu priest, entrepreneur, international speaker and former monk of 10 years. Join my blog and share in my...

Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love is....  The "Purest Essence" of who YOU really are. Purity of the Heart / Non - Judgemental Begins with Loving your "SELF" first. Being "ONE" with...


The Intention of this Sharing on Forgiveness is to leave you the reader feeling "Inspired" and "Empowered" to Understand you are not...

YOU are….

The Intention of this sharing of "YOU are...." is to get straight to the point.  You are...

The Rainbow Warriors

The Rainbow Warriors.... the video speaks for itself. Thank You!

The Egg

Listen to this story.... its beautiful and creative in every since of the word. Thank You!

LOVE Challenge

Love Challenge Are you ready for a challenge? I know what you saying,...

Unconditional Love Challenge 02

The Intention of this "Unconditional Love Challenge" is a call for forward progress. Unconditional Love Challenge