The Intention of this Sharing on “ZERO” is to meet you where you are and start a NEW.


Its time for a Reset! Are You Ready…. I AM!

Say this everyday :

“I AM Whole and Complete”

You have everything you need at this moment right now. Everything else is EXTRA.

All of the baggage, the negativity, the anger, the pain, the hurt, the frustration, your past, all of the bad thoughts about yourself and others, all of the hate, all of the judgment about your life, all of the judgment about yourself & others and all the material things are EXTRA.

Now start taking away everything that no longer serves you for your highest good, whatever that is for you.


Imagine a Car…. with no tires, broken windows, a bad paint job, rust and engine problems. Would you still call it a car? Yes ( Car lovers we know what you would call it “JUNK”) but what if you got one of the best mechanics you know to work on that car to bring it back to life, like it was brand new and just came off the show room floor. Would you be happy, and amazed that such a transformation was even possible. It Is!

These professionals and many more are the masters of their craft and it gives them so much Joy to bring new life back to old things and see the smile on peoples faces when they create visions of LOVE. YOU are that “Mechanic” of your life.

“I see you as LOVE”

If I can assist YOU in creating new possibilities to a new Way of Being in JOY, PEACE, and LOVE in your life, “I WILL”.

Divine LOVE is your Essence. See yourself as Whole and Complete, a ZERO, then you can start a NEW and just subtract everything that on longer serves you. It just takes Will Power no let me correct that “Will Persistence”.

Purity of the Heart…. is opening your heart to receive/give LOVE again, to express Joy again, to give Compassion again, to trust again, to believe again, to smile, laugh, and be happy again, to raise yourself to a higher vibration and a new Way of Being again. POWERFULLY!

I say again because YOU was once there…. as a Baby, Pure and Innocent as a gently breeze with no cares in the world, nothing but PURE LOVE

Do you wish you was a baby again? YOU STILL ARE! Be in the presence with PURE LOVE and feel what I’m writing about.

The Heart Space is a Sacred place a Command Center…. show a little Tender Loving Care (TLC) to it today and lets get you living the life of unlimited possibilities. I LOVE YOU!

The Unconditional LOVE Conference & Tour 2019 is coming to your area soon. Please check the event page for more info. Thank You!


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