The Intention of this sharing of “Your Body”  is to call forth an energy that make things happen…. ACTION.

Are You Ready?


Starting today work on your body in some form or another.

YOUR BODY IS YOUR TEMPLE CHALLENGE is not about getting skinny its about getting healthy by taking action in your life all while having fun together.

Walking, Running, Exercising, Dancing, Eating right, getting more sleep, drinking more water, cutting out all the foods that you know are bad for you.


The Goal is to lose 1 Billion Pounds starting today. 


There’s no weigh – ins.

Only One Rule…. do it without excuses. I’m not trying to control you. I’m assisting you to live boldly in the LOVE Age with a NEW ATTITUDE.

In the LOVE Age we the Human Race have to decide that our body is our temple. You have to look disease square in the face and say I don’t believe in you anymore I believe in ME. Powerful!

Today we take it personal and we are not going to let anything take over our body, mind or our spirit.

Today we are Releasing…. excuses.

At this moment in time, We as ONE choose to stop focusing on the problems of our lives and start focusing on the solution.

I know what you are thinking…. without the drama what I’m I going to do with myself. YOU are going to live a life full of happiness and Joy. You get the opportunity to finally be at peace with yourself. Do that!

This kind of LOVE trickles down, up, and sideways. See this kind of LOVE collapses the past because it was holding you back in some story that you wasn’t good enough to be LOVE but YOU Are. I Innerstand that you have been wanting to do this for a while and you just needed a little encouragement. The time is NOW and that’s why you are reading this.


It was Destiny to meet you at this time to offer you some assistance to breakaway from some of that baggage that you were holding on to and you didn’t want to let go. See we made an agreement that at this time in your life you will come across a website called Unconditional Love Conference and read a post about “Your Body” and be inspired to break free of the false belief that you are telling yourself.

Starting today you are going to write a new chapter in your life where you are the Star and not the victim. I can’t wait to hear what that story is about. This story is beyond hope its your LIFE.

Give the Internet something to talk about…. A New YOU.

GOOGLE that!

R.I.P.… excuses, I want to live.

I’m all excited right now! Today is the first day of the rest of your LIFE.

LIVE it like you MEAN it.

With LOVE!

Inspirational Communicator Tremayne Johnson

NEW!!!!  NEW!!!!  NEW!!!!

“I LOVE my PRESENT Enough that the past can’t stop me.” Tremayne Johnson

I be surprising myself sometimes. LOL!!!!


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