The Intention of this sharing of “The Voice” is to build your confidence to speak your truth in your own life.

The Voice

Many people in the LOVE Age know who they are and they believe in them selves. We know how to speak our truth and we are starting to believe in ourselves beyond the way we grew up.

We are getting our voice back. And we are starting to question a lot of things like…. what are you doing to our air? What are you doing to the water? or Do you Care? Most people were afraid to express how they felt about life because they were scared of what others might think of them…. or what people might say to them.

Did you know truth is only truth if you believe in it.

What is your truth?

I can tell you LOVE Is the Way until I’m blue in the face but if you don’t see LOVE in your life then its just a roll of the dices.

LOVE Is not a doormat something to be step on, use or abuse.

LOVE Is being confident to live your life with no regrets, LOVE Is having the courage to step out in the world and accomplish your dreams. LOVE Is taking the risk because life is not always what it seems. LOVE Is being vulnerable to stand in the face of fear and say I’m not afraid any more my dear.

LOVE Is knowing that things happen in life. Love Is admitting you were wrong after a fight.

LOVE Is free to express everyday and everynight and it doesn’t cost a cent.

We never lost our voice we was just afraid to speak our truth. Go out there and be who you are and if you need some LOVE come back because I have a lot to give.

Did you know that LOVE Is the only energy that has a trickle down effect. That’s the truth! Powerful!

Example of LOVE.

 When you come home from a long day at work and every thing that could’ve went wrong, did. You open the door and your pets are so happy to see you, licking you on your face, running around with so much joy. Did that change your mood? Why? Let me tell you why? Because that was one of the purest forms of LOVE on the planet. Do you see how LOVE works. LOVE is expressed through every being on this planet. There are 7.5 Billion ways to spread LOVE.

I LOVE with no fear! 



Inspirational Communicator Tremayne Johnson

“There’s so many reasons to LOVE, Choose One.” Tremayne Johnson


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