The Intention of this sharing of “The Veil” is to make it disappear like magic.

The Veil

There is no Veil.

Let me take that back, there is an illusionary veil that most people see in their minds that they are separate from the source of ALL there Is. You created the veil and you can take down the veil once you become aware of that connection.

The Veil itself is the separation. The oneness of life happens when you realizes that there is no veil. Powerful!

Stop! YOU have to get this on a deep level PLEASE!

We as human beings create separation in our lives all the time in everything we do. We all go through the same situations, and we have the same frustrations of life we might think that we are different base on our race, religion, or gender but that is what makes us special, that is what makes us who we are.

Let’s embrace our uniqueness and diversity in the world and continue to learn and grow with one another. Once you feel you know it all, and you can control it all, you stop expanding your mind and you limit your experiences of life to what you know but what about the things you don’t know.

In the LOVE Age its all about creating new possibilities in our lives by putting aside all the limitation and false beliefs about ourselves. Experiencing life on a whole new level connected to all there Is and that is ONENESS.


When I speak of UNITY its ALL LOVE. We are all leaders and each of us will impact the world on a global scale in our own way. Everything starts with you from your thoughts, emotions, and actions. 

I truely feel down deep in my soul that LOVE is the Key. Yes there are different forms of this powerful energy but its all the same LOVE as you live LOVE on a daily basis. It gets easier to look at LOVE as a foundation for life… Stand on it, Walk in it, Speak it, Express it, all as you Become It.

LOVE is the Evolution of Man-Kind so please Connect with it.

Today is a call to Release the ego….

I know what you are thinking…. Its going to take a lot more than this writing to release ego and you are correct, its going to take YOU. Don’t get quiet now. YOU created ego and YOU can overcome ego.

I know what you are saying…. what do I do if I have no ego. You will get a chance to experience life as it really is, and see people for who they really are, You will see life without borders, blinders or filters. Most Importantly you will see yourself amazingly beautiful as you are and that my friend is LOVE.

You as a Divine Being have to become the Solution in your own life.

I see YOU as Perfect because I see myself as Perfect. Now you see how Oneness works.

It there were 2 Nows I would LOVE you double as much as i do Now. LOL!!!!


Inspirational Communicator Tremayne Johnson

How do you like the symbol? I just made it. Simple but yet powerful.


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