The Intention of this sharing of The End is to express something that is everlasting.  

 The LOVE Age

I Created the LOVE Age 4/1/2019 on April Fool’s Day because I don’t see you as Fool’s I see you as LOVE.

Did I really Create the LOVE Age or am I just making you Aware of something so amazing in our existence that you forgot. Powerful!

LOVE never dies.

LOVE is the only thing that is real.

LOVE is Everlasting.

The End

The Density where we overcome fear with LOVE.

There will never be an End to the LOVE Age only a Completion.

The Completion is the cycle of life that comes around full circle and back to the source from which it came.

When every Divine Being in the world realizes that they are and was always connected to the All of Creation.

Have you ever notice that when you react negatively you find yourself in that same situation over and over and over again.

Its only life bringing the situation back to you so that you can experience it again to help you learn & grow.

Once you learn from that experience you move on because now you are more conscious of your Beingness and that is maturity.

When you are aware of the way you are Being in any given situation it opens up more possibilities to the way you act and not react.

Once you reach this higher point of understanding in life, why would you want to go back to anything less.

It was just a moment in time where you reacted to a situation without thinking instead of realizing that their were other possibilities than the choice you made.

Next time you find yourself about to get mad, frustrated, or angry listen to your heart and make the best decision for your higher good. Please understand you do have choices.

Thank You!

I LOVE YOU! Like there is no tomorrow.


Tremayne Johnson

“There’s so many reasons to LOVE, Choose One.” Tremayne Johnson


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