The Intention of this sharing of Real LOVE is to Express the LOVE I feel for the little things.


Real LOVE is all the challenges you face as you work your way through them to face another day. Real LOVE is having courage to be vulnerable no matter what your mind says. Real LOVE is Being Aware of the Ways you are Being. Real LOVE is the Acceptance Beingness no matter what you are seeing. Real LOVE is becoming the change that you want to see. Real LOVE is not always on TV.

Real LOVE is when a woman gives birth. Real LOVE is so Pure it should never hurt. Real LOVE is when your pet greets you at the door. Real LOVE is staying in bed even when your husband starts to snore. Real LOVE is when the sun rises to welcome another day. Real LOVE is when the rain comes and washes all the pollen away. Real LOVE is when we understand we are all different. Real LOVE is when your mother wipes your nose cause you’re sniffin.

Real LOVE  is when your parents tell you to put on your coat. Real LOVE is when we communicate our feelings. Real LOVE is when we express ourselves with no ending. Real LOVE is when fear is overcame. Real LOVE is living life with no shame. Real LOVE is loving Unconditional. Real LOVE is loving me even if I can’t see.

Real LOVE is that connection when you know its right. Real LOVE is when we are there for one another even after a fight.  Real LOVE is when we all have smiles on our face. Real LOVE is when we comfort one another when we go through a quake.

Real LOVE is Everything and Everybody as we walk through this Journey called life together. Real LOVE is when your mother says, boy you better put on a sweater.

Let me know you think Real LOVE is….

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule. I hope you are doing something you LOVE. I LOVE YOU!


Tremayne Johnson

“There’s so many reasons to LOVE, Choose One.” Tremayne Johnson


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