The Intention of this sharing of “Opening Your Eyes” is to invite you to take another look at life through the Heart Space.

Opening Your Eyes

Open your eyes to the beauty that surrounds us and look for that common ground that unites us. Knowing that we are all different but Innerstanding that in our story we are all the same.

Start with just saying Hi & Bye and then we can start working on the Why.

Let these words on this page find a way to your Heart and like the Preacher says…. Forever do you Part.


History of our past we learn and we grow from it. History is also being written as we speak so let’s create an walk into it.

Timelines will merge faster than before because we choose to walk through the LOVE door.

LOVE never hurt anyone.

Share… My life journey is to experience everything. If you think you know it all you will miss out on alot. Let’s break through to discovery together and see what else is possible. Love is simple but its not always easy. I LOVE YOU!


Tremayne Johnson

“There’s so many reasons to LOVE, Choose One.” Tremayne Johnson

P.S WOW! Did you know that if you spell the word LOVE backwards you get EVOL and to me that looks so much like EVOLVE. I just notice that and that’s beautiful. Now you see why I LOVE talking about LOVE because its the EVOLUTION of MAN KIND. POWERFUL!

I do what I do so that people like you can do what you do.

The LOVE Age is here in the NOW!.


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