The Intention of this sharing of “On the Court” is about being present in your own life and taking the risk.

On the Court

Are you on the Court in your Life?


Are you on the bench?

On the Court to me is about participating in your own life.

If you are on the sideline watching the game called life play out, life will pass you by.

There are only two options…. either you are going to get on the court and play the game called life or the game called life is going to play you.

The Reward is in the Risk. Failure is not putting forth any effort to even try.

Share…. I was tired of being a bench warmer watching other people make moves and all I’m doing is watching, giving my opinion, and judging and not even stepping out there myself.

I’m not talking about getting a job I’m talking about stepping out on faith to do something bigger than a job. I’m talking about taking control of your life, being the VIP (the most valuable player) in your own life by creating the next faze in your life. 

You are the Creator of your own life. You created everything you have right now. What is the next step?

Most people are still complaining that their parents didn’t allow them to follow their dreams when they were young. The only question I can ask them is who is not allowing you NOW! We as human beings can play the blame game forever but how is that helping you in your life. Its actually hurting you the most because you are giving your power over to someone else and it doesn’t matter who it is.

The Miraculous

The Miraculous happens when we start to create something from nothing but an idea. In your creative process you gain access to something so special and precious that words can’t describe, the eyes can’t see, and the ears can’t hear. Its the energy of all their is and that will ever be. Powerful!

Create something you LOVE and you will not regret one single thing.

What are you going to create today?

Here’s a start…. Today I’m creating more time for me.


Tremayne Johnson

“There’s so many reasons to LOVE, Choose one.” Tremayne Johnson


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