The Intention of this sharing of “Mother’s Day” is to Express LOVE to the ONE who gave us LIFE. Powerful! 

Mother’s Day

One month ago I heard something that I never heard in my life.* Mothers RAISE their daughters and LOVE their sons. I never knew that. 

See when a women becomes a mother and has a loving son she has triple duties…. she has to be the example for her son so that he knows what to look for in a girl. Then…. she has to teach him the ways of a women and let him know that everything she does for anyone is for LOVE. Then…. she has to LOVE him enough to let him make up his own mind about life.

Mothers have to distract you from all of the peer pressure of life growing up because she’s been there. You may think that she is controlling but its ALL LOVE

Most of them made a promise to themselves that if they have kids that they would do everything in their power to make sure we don’t have to go through what she went through.

That was one of the main purposes they had in becoming a parent.

Share…. Who remembers going outside to get that switch…. My mom made me pick my own switch WHAT! Any choice you made wasn’t going to be good…. the big one, the small one, the thin one, the thick one. Even the excuse of I can’t find one. LOL!!!!

She just wanted to express her LOVE for YOU and to let you know the REAL Law of Cause & Effect.

She wanted to give the next generation more options than what she had. Many had to sacrifice everything to make sure you was alright. 

She even put her life on hold to make sure you had a great foundation to give you a chance at life. She only knew what she knew.

I LOVE my MOM for that and I LOVE your MOM also because all MOM’s had to deal with the same situations, and they had the same expectations for every kid that walk through their path. See how We are All the same.

What story did you just flashback too? Its funny now but back then It wasn’t no JOKE! LOL!!!

Our MOMS did great so HONOR her everyday of your life, with every breath that you breathe because she gave you life, and she didn’t want you to waste it.

I LOVE MOMS with a 1 and a whole bunch of zeros behind it x Infinity.

Thank YOU!

Inspirational Communicator Tremayne Johnson

Two days ago I discovered….

Did you know that LOVE spelled backwards is EVOL which to me looks like EVOLVE. MY Innerstanding is that LOVE is the EVOLUTION of MAN-KIND. Powerful!


  1. In Brazil, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. The first Mother’s Day in Brazil was promoted by Associacao Crista de Mocos de Porto Alegre ( Young Men’s Christian Association of Porto Alegre) on 12 May 1918. In 1932, then President Getulio Vargas made the second Sunday of May the official date for Mother’s Day. In 1947, Archbishop Jaime de Barros Camara, Cardinal-Archbishop of Rio de Janeiro, decided that this holiday would also be included in the official calendar of the Catholic Church.


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