The Intention of this sharing of Freedom is to Express the Unblocking of the Mind.


Freedom from the slavery of our minds.

Slavery back in the days was cuffs and chains but now its all in our minds. We are not our past, we are the effects of our past.

I thank our past for getting us this far be blessed, we can take it from here.

I will never forgot my past but right now at this moment I have a present to live in and a future to create. The door is open and I see nothing but empty space. A space of nothingness, a space where the possibilities are endless.

We get a fresh start to create anything, lets create LOVE. LOVE has been there always and it has never left your side. LOVE will never leave your Heart, and it has never left your Soul.


LOVE I knew you was there and I felt you holding on to me as I went through everything I went through. Now, I know you are more power than any situation that I go through, you make me strong and confident to live life with no regrets. No matter how old i get, I know you will always be there for me and you will never change.

Freedom to Love again is so beautiful.

LOVE breaks down walls. A firmament can’t hold it…., there’s no waters deep enough that it can’t reach. LOVE brings people together, LOVE will shelter you from the rain. There’s no storm man could create that can keep LOVE away. LOVE is in every cell of your Being, to every star in the sky. LOVE travels through dimensions with no fear in sight. LOVE will be there for you even if you fight. LOVES only responsibility is to take care of you no matter what you go through. There’s no imagination in living without LOVE. Where would I be without LOVE I can’t even Imagine that. Creation wouldn’t exist without LOVE and that’s a true fact. Powerful!

Fear is just a moment in time where you needed a little bit more LOVE. There’s no opposite to an energy so Powerful.


For everything you do in the LOVE Age, put your HEART into it so that your Perfection of Creation will send ripples through time and space and form galaxies, planets, and solar systems for eternity.

LOVE will do all of this over and over, and over again because LOVE, LOVES you Unconditionally.

The Freedom to LOVE again…. I can’t see it no other way but I can say it another way…. Freedom to LOVE Forever More, starting today.

We Created the LOVE Age together so that we could live it as One.


Its a beautiful presence around me as I write this and yes I have tears of joy as I channel the energy of the Creator of all there Is and that’s Oneness.

Walk with us as we live in the LOVE Age learning the ways of LOVE together. Be with us as we learn from our experiences of life together. Embrace us as we open our Hearts to the energy of Creation itself.

I feel like I’m being held in my mothers arms like a baby, hold me forever as we experience life together in LOVE with YOU and never put me down. I LOVE YOU! Powerful!

Be with this message word for word as it feeds your Soul.

I AM In LOVE with Humanity.

Thank You!

Tremayne Johnson

“There’s so many reasons to LOVE, Choose One.” Tremayne Johnson


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