The Intention of this Sharing of  “QUEEN” is to show RESPECT to Man’s Equal the WOMEN.


How can I talk about LOVE without mentioning the QUEEN! Excuse me everyone while I pay RESPECT to the BLACKWOMEN.

When i started writing i should’ve started with you. Please forgive me My QUEEN I was just wakening up.

Thank YOU!

Thank YOU My QUEEN…. for Standing in Your LOVE for US. Thank YOU My QUEEN…. for Being our better half. Thank YOU My QUEEN…. for Being strong when we are weak. Thank YOU My QUEEN…. for Being our support system when we needed it. Thank YOU My QUEEN…. for Being the Courage and Confidence we needed to move Us forward in our life. Thank YOU My QUEEN…. for taking the Lead when we couldn’t. Thank YOU My QUEEN…. for Being YOU. I LOVE YOU!


Please forgive…. our expression of ignorance. Please forgive…. us for all the disrespectful things that come out of our mouth towards you. Please forgive…. us for the hateful things that we do to you.
 Please forgive…. us for not showing nothing but LOVE towards YOU. Where would we be in this world without YOU. I LOVE YOU!


I see YOU as my equal. YOU are my definition of DIVINE LOVE.  Without YOU there would be no me. YOU are my backbone, YOU are my Rays of love everyday. YOU are my Light in a room full of darkness.  Continue standing with us as we journey in this dimension together heart to heart, and SOUL to SOUL. YOU are My QUEEN and I LOVE YOU!

We are Multi Dimensional Beings…. I’m sending a Call out to EVERYONE EVERYWHERE so that this Expression of LOVE vibrates through their cells, and all through their atoms of their Beingness as the energy skips through timelines and open up portals…. Respect the Divine Feminine Energy as your equal with ALL your MIND, ALL your BODY, and ALL your SOUL. We are ONE. I LOVE YOU!

YOU are a special part of Us and the only way to get through this is together. Stand by our side and travel down this journey called life together and let’s be the example of DIVINE LOVE in a Multi Dimensional space so that every being of Creation itself will know that LOVE Conquers ALL and HEAVEN is REAL.


This message was for women everywhere but my focus in this post was for My QUEEN the BLACKWOMEN.

Keep Being YOU and we will meet YOU where YOU STAND in LOVE .

I HONOR Women everywhere for everything you do for us as a whole.

Let’s Create Life In LOVE together that’s what we are here for. POWERFUL!

I could go on for Infinity with this Expression of LOVE. Since we are all one and I AM every man then I choose to get on my knees and ask for YOUR Forgiveness from the deepest part of my Soul. I pledge that I will be an equal Expression of LIGHT/LOVE towards YOU forever more. I LOVE YOU! POWERfUL!

Please FEEL my Energy as I write…. there’s NO Density, NO Dimension, NO Time nor Space without LOVE. Every step you take….Walk in LOVE, every breath you breathe…. Inhale LOVE.  When you need to be Inspired…. Look for LOVE. When you find yourself in a situation…. BE LOVE. This Expression of LOVE will ripple through the past, present, and the future. I can only explain it as a Completeness or a ONENESS. ALL I see is LOVE be with me in this LIGHT of LOVE. The GOLDEN AGE is NOW. I see it so what do you see. POWERFUL!

Show some LOVE to the Women in your Life and in this world, without them YOU wouldn’t be here.

With LOVE,

Tremayne Johnson

“There’s so many reason to LOVE, Choose One.” Tremayne Johnson


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