The Intention of this Sharing of “PURE INTENTION” is to let you know that with “it” anything is Possible.


Everyday I learn from every experience in my life. I’m like a sponge for life and its exciting to me, most of the time. Believe me, Its times when I can’t see the light at the end of tunnel. My inner strength picks me up and keeps me going forward when I’m confronted with any fear or doubt. That’s what LOVE is for me…. that connection with the Divine Universal Source of everything brings me back into alignment with life itself, and that’s Oneness.

Its like that Parent that says “Don’t worry everything is going to be alright”, “I’m here Now”, “I got you”. We are always connected with the primal source of all that is, that support system. Don’t take my word for it, seek it.

I practice everyday on being the best version of myself because i don’t want anything holding me back from living my life fulfilled because I’m a student of life. Everyone Is. We all have some of the same situations in our lives that others have…. it doesn’t matter where you live or who you are. I know its hard to see but We Are All ONE.

To Create the best habits in our lives you have to practice it.


One Major lesson that I had to learn is to believe more in me and what I’m writing and practice what i write.

Lets go Deep!


Expectations is a form of control and I believe in not having expectations but I had expectations on the “giving” to my website. For instance…. At the end of every post I would put give without expectations which meant give without control over the outcome.

When you give anything, give from Heart with Pure Intention, for that whatever you are giving will make a huge Impact on whatever the cause you are giving to. Powerful!

Honestly…. I had expectations on the the phrase “give without expectations” for example…. “when people give to my website, I’ll be able to get the conference started”. I knew that wasn’t the truth! I had the wrong meaning attached to it. It was like i created a block from continuing the conference instead of just continuing the forward progress of the conference.

I was letting the Giving of others dictate whether I was going to be able to continue with the process and progress of the conference. I had expectations on it. Here’s another example : I’m going to have a big conference with a lot of people attending, if people give to my website. That wasn’t right!

PURE INTENTION vs Expectation

My Pure Intention for the Conference and this website is to be an Inspiration, and to Empower each and every person who comes to this website or to the Conference. I’m creating everything from a nothingness that is so Pure words can’t describe it, but LOVE can.

The truth is…. I’m very creative to get anything I need done without anyone giving me anything, not saying that i don’t need assistance with the planning phase. I’m just very self motivated and passionate about anything I do, especially when it comes to LOVE. Imagine being able to create from a thought something that will impact peoples lives from nothing but an Idea. That is Divine in itself.

This is my life…. I see the goal… (visualization) and connect my feelings with the flow of actions to create the steps with passion and will persistence. This is my Journey of Discovery and its the best part of life for me, creating something from nothing is so amazingly beautiful to me. And being able to share this Creation with the world, that is me. Powerful!

Its a beautiful alignment that happens when I start to Be a vessel for PEACE and LOVE, this is a Connection that can only come from the Creator.

Now that is flow…. and that flow comes from “PURE INTENTION”

Thank you for reading this lesson of my life, with “PURE INTENTION” anything is possible.

Check out the Unconditional Love Conference & Tour when it comes to your area. This will be the most Important Conference of this lifetime because its “ALL about YOU”. I LOVE YOU!


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