Love is simple. 

Love is the Acceptance of Beingness.

Have you ever heard…. Love me for who I AM

One of the most powerful statement created was….

I AM that, I AM

Share…. For a long time me and some friends had a group text going on and one day someone started with the line I AM that, I AM. Everyone in the text chat started going off (excited)…. I AM LOVE, I AM…. I AM COMPASSION, I AM…. PEACE, JOY, ABUNDANCE, COURAGE, CONFIDENT, POWERFUL. I was driving at that time and I just kept hearing my phone go off so I pull over the car to see what was going on. I looked at my text and it had every positive word or phrase ever written. I was so excited I just had to get in on it and this is what I wrote….

I AM the SPACE that every Human Being will get to when they figure out that they are ONE with the CREATOR. Powerful!

I looked back at it before I pushed send and said WOW! Look at what I just wrote. It was like I was on cloud nine or something. It was a nothingness that was so PURE, language can’t explain it. After that I started back driving and the phone was silent. THE END! 


Take away all the stories of the past, the judgment, the control, the opinions, the attitude, the temper, the hate, the right, the wrong, the racism, the competition, and the fear because all of that is extra.

And Just BE!

You are perfect just the way you are.

Its going to be a GREAT DAY! I LOVE YOU!

Check out the Unconditional Love Conference & Tour on the event page. This will be the most Important Conference of this lifetime because its all about “YOU”. Thank YOU!

“There’s so many reasons to LOVE, Choose One”. Tremayne Johnson


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