The Intention of this Sharing of “Know Thy Self” is about YOU taking control of YOU.

Know Thy Self

That is a powerful phrase “Know Thy Self” How many people really know themselves. You should know a lot about yourself whether it be true or false. True statements are things you believe that are true about you. False statements are things that you believe are false about you. Both of these are perspectives of your thinking. We see ourselves based on our beliefs and conditioning from our past. What are you saying about yourself? What are you believing about yourself? What are you believing that others are saying about you?

A True statement could be false and a false statement could be true. Think about that. It just depends on your mindset. Here’s an example…. I AM Ugly…. Are you really ugly? Who is the judge of that statement? What is Ugly? If you think that this statement is true then its true. How do you feel in that moment when you judged yourself in a negative light. When we start to think and feel negative about ourselves in any situation we bring ourselves down to a lower state of being. Take one example like that and use it to see yourself differently. If you change your way of thinking you will transform your life.

You are not Ugly. You are a beautiful gift from heaven, start to feel you are that beautiful gift from heaven and you can change your thinking of yourself. 

Being Positive plays a major part in Knowing Thy Self because the majority of the time we see ourselves in a negative light. WHY? We have to make a choice to see the best and beauty in all things, especially ourselves. 

When you are aware of the negative thought patterns that you tell yourself you can start to change how you see yourself, as you change how you see yourself people will change how they see you. That is transformation. Powerful!

Everything starts with you. People see you as you see you. What do you see?

Know Thy Self is the building block of life itself. Who are YOU? Take away all the judgments of your self, stories of the past, opinions from others and find out who you are under all of that.

In this world you are unique so see yourself as special and in the best light possible at all times with no exceptions.

I AM that I AM!

Thanks for taking your time out of your busy schedule to read this post I really do appreciate you.

The Unconditional Love Conference is Coming. I LOVE YOU!


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