The Intention of this sharing of GROUNDING LOVE is to align your Beingness with the Planet and the Creator with LOVE and that is Oneness.


We as human being have a responsibility to ourselves and that is to be the best version of ourselves in any given situation. Sometimes its not as easy as others times but we need to make an effort. 

We as human being have a bigger responsibility to the planet. I know most people would say what responsibility do I have to the planet. 

The planet is alive its a living, breathing ball of energy. We as beings of the planet should not just keep taking resources after resources from the planet and not give anything back. We do have amazing people who truly believe in planetary missions like planting trees, recycling, keeping our air clean and keeping the water fresh. Among all of that Mother Nature is asking for one more thing…. She needs LOVE, the kind of LOVE that only humans can give.

Giving LOVE to the planet means Being LOVE in our lives. Mother Nature needs us as much as we need her. Think about this. We have everything we need here. Trees help us breath and some bare fruit so we can enjoy. Herbs are from the earth that can heal anything. We get everything we have from the earth and all Mother Nature is asking from us in return is for some LOVE from each and every one of us on this planet. Let’s start right Now!

The energy of LOVE vibrates across dimensions so I know LOVE can heal the planet. Be LOVE in every moment of your life and let LOVE handle the rest. LOVE will heal your life. Love will heal the earth. LOVE will heal the universe. Just the Expression of LOVE in any given moment will ripple through the timelines like a ocean wave back to which it came and that my friend would be the Source of all there is. POWERFULLY!

Grounding LOVE back into the earth sounds far fetched but its not most of the world are takers or consumers of product but where is all of this coming from it has to come from somewhere. Stop to think! Are you a taker overall and you don’t give back. Even if are not a save the planet type a person think about yourself with out the planet there would be no more you.


There are plenty of times when I see LOVE everywhere…. like when I see people get together for a fundraiser or a celebration. I see so much joy and happiness and i cherish each moment as perfect. I see people smiling, laughing, and giving so much LOVE. I see people embracing one another with hugs. The next day everyone that enjoyed themselves would make sure that they tell someone about their experience…. I enjoyed myself yesterday, or we should do that again or i haven’t seen them in a long time. That’s a Beautiful space to be in.

I’m in that space a lot because I find myself more at peace when I’m IN LOVE. From the Sun coming out among the clouds or squirrels moving along their daily routine. I see the beautiful in the little things of life and that what makes me ME.

People remember me from my laughter and my positive outlook on life most of the time and they wonder what makes him so happy…. Its because I found LOVE in life and I choose to focus on the things I LOVE. Its a Choice I had to make to see the best life has to offer and not let the situation overcome me. I invite you to let the LOVE Shine In every day in every way and let me know how it makes you feel.    

YOU might say…. how can i BE LOVE when its so much negativity going on around me and In my life and the only thing that I can say is TRUST. BE LOVE in every moment like there is no tomorrow, EXPRESS LOVE in every moment like that is the only thing available, EXPECT LOVE like its the only thing being offer, RECEIVE LOVE like its the only thing being given, TAKE LOVE like its no other option, STAND in LOVE like its no better place to BE. YOU are LOVE so its coming back to YOU. POWERFULLY!

Share…. See if this is true…. Do you worry or are you concerned about a lot of stuff? Do you see more and more things to worry about or things to be concerned about? If you stop worrying or being concerned about so much stuff that is out of your control you will stop bringing these things into your life. I know what you are saying every time I turn on the news I always see…. Stop! Give yourself a break from the news and see what happens. Its not going to stop any current events or anything like that from happening but it will stop you from worrying so much and that should be the main focus.

Thanks for reading this. I know you get the message. I enjoyed writing it.

Check out the Unconditional LOVE Conference on the event page.

Please enjoy my writing minus the typos, misspelling, and sentence structure. It’s just me! I LOVE YOOOU! Oops! 


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