The Intention of this Sharing on Forgiveness is to leave you the reader feeling “Inspired” and “Empowered” to Understand you are not your past and to “Let Go” of it whatever it Is.

You can’t erase the past but what you can do is remove your past so that it will not effect your “Presence” as you move into the future.

I’ll start by saying …. You Are WHOLE & COMPLETE.  When i talk about forgiveness its about being aware of the light that illuminates within you and “Letting Go” of all the blockages that is holding you back from realizing who you really are.

A big part of forgiveness is accepting the role that you play in your life.

We tend to hold on to lower vibrational frequencies such as fear, anger, frustration, sadness, blame etc until they bubble up and we then project it out onto others (family, friends) in so many different ways. The One that is most effected by the way you are Being is “YOU”.

These lower vibrational frequencies effected me so much in my life that i couldn’t even…. communicate effectively, or even see the positive things going on in my life most of the time.

Here’s an example in my life…. Share…. I learnt at a young age that i had to work hard to get the things i wanted in my life but working hard built up this anger, sadness, frustration, and negativity in me against people around me because i wasn’t getting appreciated or accepted for the things i did so i felt like i wasn’t getting ahead or just wasn’t where i was suppose to be in my life.

I started disconnecting myself from everyone in my life for no reason at all that had nothing to do with them. Only time i would see family or friends is when someone passed on. After a few close people passed in my life, i realized I created a world of loneliness without my family and friends that needed to be corrected.

I was able to accomplish a lot in my life but i still felt like something was missing because everywhere “I” went, there “I” was. It was like life was repeating patterns over and over as i got older.

I have so many old stories of my past that played out in my present life that I couldn’t even live a life fulfilled into a brighter future.

When i was able to connect the old stories of my past to my present situations everything became clear for me. I was able to clear the limiting behavior patterns that kept me stuck in my life. Now I’m able to create anything i want in my life.

I would LOVE to Thank Landmark Education Center for assisting me with that process of removing blockages in my life that keep me stuck. Check them out at

Here’s an exercise I would love for you to do (the intention of this exercise is to forward the action toward Ultimate Forgiveness )

“Forgiveness of Self”

Do you have anyone in your life that you are anger, mad, frustrated, upset, hate, kicked out your life, jealous of, etc right NOW? ( Start with Family an then Friends) OK! This exercise is about meaning and feeling what you are saying. You can repeat it how many times you wish.

Remember that this conversation of forgiveness is about you being aware of the part that you played in the situation. There are 3 areas in which i want you to focus your energy; ( thought, speech, and action ).

Take 3 full deep breathe, place your hands over your heart and say this… I forgive myself for anything and everything I ever thought, spoke, or done to anyone, anywhere negative in this lifetime and any other lifetime.

Every time you say this please visualize someone in your mind (Feel It, and Mean It) from your SACRED HEART SPACE. Do this as many times you feel called to do it, feeling it deeper and deeper. The Biggest part of the exercise is this….  Call them if you can and tell them what you feel in your heart taking full responsibility for your part in the situation. Release the negativity, blame, hate, anger, frustration, hurt, etc. “Let it Go”.   Watch what happens!

Share…. In my life the first person i wanted to call was my mom but she had pass away so i wrote a letter for her expressing my true feelings towards her and everything she did for me. See most of the times we don’t express how we truly feel about someone cause a lot of nonsense gets in the way. In the letter i was still able to send the energy of my “Pure Essence” of who I AM “Unconditional Love” out to the universe and get complete about it.

Getting Complete to me means bringing an end to that situation of regret or resentment. When i release all the lower vibrational frequencies that kept me not connected to them for whatever reason its like a weight is lifted off my shoulder.

Here’s an example…. Have you ever had someone pass away in your life that you was unable to be with only because you was mad with them for whatever reason. You started questioning your actions… I should’ve, could’ve did this or that when they was here and now you have this incomplete feeling. If only they were here Now, i would…. You see!

I started with family members close to me first. You can start anywhere you feel called to.  Thank You! For taking the time to read this i really appreciate you.

Let’s Walk together towards a world full of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Leave me your comments and let me know how it goes.

Forgiveness is an ongoing process until you start to Become Forgiveness.

A major part of Unconditional Love is Forgiveness of Self & Others.


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