The Intention for this writing of DIVINE LOVE is to open our HEARTS to LOVE on a SOUL LEVEL.


What’s needed now more than ever is DIVINE LOVE for the MOTHER LAND and every AFRICAN in any part of the world who came from AFRICA or who LOVES AFRICA.

DIVINE LOVE for anyone who was born in AFRICA…. who has ever thought about AFRICA…. or whoever wanted to go back to AFRICA.

DIVINE LOVE for anyone who has ever traveled to AFRICA…. or who has ever called AFRICA their HOME.

DIVINE LOVE for the Inventions and the philosophies of life which all of the world base their lifestyles on.

DIVINE LOVE for the AFRICANS all over the world who is still seeking a better way of life outside of AFRICA.

Our foundation builds from the LOVE that we are and that we will ever be. No one can take that from you AFRICANS its within all of us on a deep level. No one will ever talk about this world and not mention AFRICANS In AFRICA.

We as AFRICANS hold something so sacred within us and its DIVINE LOVE…. Our LOVE for OURSELVES, Our LOVE for FAMILY, Our LOVE for LIFE, Our LOVE for UNITY, Our LOVE for the CREATOR of all there is.

AFRICANS we can’t erase the past or anything that has happen to us. The only thing that we can do is release the past from our present so that we can live the life we was born to live.

Forgive like no one has ever done before. To be released from all of the pain, sadness, and hurt. To be free so that you can move forward with confidence and courage into unlimited possibilities for your life. 

A HUGE Part of this GREAT ASCENSION involves YOU on some many levels.

I’m CALLING forth…. DIVINE LOVE…. to shine throughout your Beingness…. everywhere you are, every relationship you get in, every life that you touch with your LOVE that is YOU, from every craft that you make to every business that you start.

I’m CALLING forth…. an Invitation to everyone…. who LOVES AFRICA or anything associated with AFRICA, or the AFRICANS in and beyond AFRICA, to show some LOVE to US and you will get it back 1,000,000 x infinity because YOU are US and We are ALL ONE.

I felt this writing in my Soul 3/25/19 and I had to write it.  Yes, I Cried!  I LOVE AFRICANS and AFRICA on a SOUL Level and if you do to show some LOVE.


Tremayne Johnson

“There’s so many reason to LOVE, Choose One.” Tremayne Johnson


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