The Intention of this Sharing of “Connect” is to assist in building LOVE with Connecting.

 Connect is to Join.


Today’s post is a call for Action…. I’m asking each and every person that reads this post to Connect….connect to that family member that you haven’t spoke to in a while, connect to that person that you was mad at for whatever reason, connect back to that parent that you thought was controlling, connect back to your kids who don’t know how to listen to you, connect back to that friend, it was only a misunderstanding, connect back to that passion that you started and you put it on the shelf for later, connect back to “LIFE ITSELF”. Stop doing things and trying to stay busy and start being LOVE with Connecting. Take a couple of minutes out of your busy schedule and JUST Connect back to YOU.  

You are everything….. what’s really Interesting if you are everything that would mean that you are everything and everyone you are connected to and that you are everything and everyone you are disconnected from. Why are disconnected from the people that mean the most to you? Why are you so busy that you can’t even call them? Don’t just call when you want something, call because you care, call because you miss them or just call because you LOVE them. It doesn’t really matter the reason why, it just matters the fact that you are connecting.

Letting Go!

When you let stuff go it’s a form a Forgiveness on so many levels.   

When you connect back with that person, something is going to happen that is going to be so beautiful…. a smile, a laugh, a good cry, or just a great conversation. Don’t take my word for it, Do It!

Something happens when you take action and nothing happens when you don’t but an action is still taken. Powerful!

I have to end this post because I have some calls to make, I’m taking Action.

Thanks for being with this call for Action. Everything starts with YOU and continues with you. Please Connect!

Come back after you finish the calls and check out the Unconditional Love Conference & Tour. This will be one of the most Important Conferences in this Lifetime because its “All about YOU” Thank YOU!



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