The Intention of this Sharing of “Oneness” is to let everyone know, LOVE conquers ALL.

Oneness is a beautiful thing. 

Artist of all kinds express themselves through their works of art doing what they LOVE and that is Creating…. Being the Creator. 

I express myself through writing, and telling stories about what I LOVE in life and that Is LOVE. Some people might say, a single person can’t talk about LOVE if they are not In LOVE…. I AM! I AM In LOVE with Being LOVE.

In the world we have a lot of challenges to overcome…. the economy, financial situations, relationships, the news, but most of all people, even you can be your own worst enemy. 

When any of those challenges begin to happen in my life…. I have this place that I go that is just for me, an exclusive sacred place that has me looking at the world differently. The sacred place that I go to is like a shield of protection that i put on and i can walk through the fire and not get burned.

Have you every walk through fire? Everybody has…. Fire is that situation that comes up and its unexpected, that change that comes when you didn’t know it was coming, that something that happens when you didn’t know how to deal with it, or that person that knows how to tick you off and you can’t control it. That’s Fire! YOU got through it and you are still here to see another day. Powerful!

Maybe that moment in time was a lesson of your life that you are suppose to learn and grow from no matter what it was or how bad it was.

Once you are aware of what that lesson is…. build from it…. grow from it…. look back at the lesson and bless it and thank it for being there for you and helping you on journey of life.

Are you tired of living the past over and over and over again. I AM! We can change our experiences one moment at a time.

How can you tell if its a lesson of life? You can tell its a lesson of life when you start getting worked up, anger, mad, scared, frustrated, depressed, or if you have any fear.

Some would call it overcoming the ego, life isn’t hard we make it that way.

If you want to live life In LOVE….  Be LOVE, create something from LOVE, connect with people for LOVE, build with people because of LOVE, create with people expressed by LOVE. Powerful!

Our Energy of LOVE is going to vibrate across dimensions of time and space and let the Universe Know “WE ARE ALL ONE” Period!

Thank You for Being with this Expression of LOVE, it gets better by the moment, there is no choice. and that is ONENESS!

The Unconditional Love Conference and TOUR will be an Expression of LOVE from my HEART to Yours. I LOVE YOU!


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