“Seeing Beyond Where You Stand Through GOD’s Grace”

Carlene Sands’s life was difficult from the start. She was conceived when her mother was raped, and she languished in poverty in Jamaica for most of her childhood. Until she was eighteen, the only clothes she had were three dresses, three pairs of underwear, and one pair of shoes.

But through it all, Carlene knew God was by her side. With God’s help, she was able to survive long enough to make it to the United States—where she discovered her trials were not yet over.

She ended up homeless in a strange new land, but even so, Carlene kept pushing and striving, and throughout it all, she maintained her trust in the Lord. Finally, her patience and perseverance paid off when she found a loving husband and a fulfilling career in the US military.

Seeing beyond Where You Stand through God’s Grace is the incredible memoir of a woman who rose above her circumstances and found the happiness she so richly deserved. Carlene’s story is an important reminder that God always rewards the faithful—even though His plans may take a while to unfold.

With LOVE!

Tremayne Johnson

“There’s so many reason to LOVE, Choose One.” Tremayne Johnson



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