Penetrating the Veil

Penetrating the Veil starts with unblocking and balancing the energy centers of the body. Penetrating the Veil

There’s POWER In the NAME

The Intention of this sharing of "There's POWER In the Name" is to return this POWER to the world.

Applying the knowledge

Everyone in different parts of the world holds a master key to living life as the human race, its not just...

My Understanding

My understanding of White Eagles Teachings of the Initiations which comes to you on a spiritual path that falls into four...

The Touch

The Intention of this sharing of "The Touch" is to express that we are all Divinely Connected.

Tapping Into Spirit

When you tap into spirit the LIGHT of pure LOVE shines. Tapping Into Spirit

Words Heal

The Intention of this sharing of "Words Heal" brings to our awareness a special ability we all have.

The Full Circle

Forgiving heart to heart is what I call the Super Connector. The Full Circle

Going Within

Most people have heard about going within to find out who you are but may not understand what it means, let...

The Path

The Path of Love and Light Is a choice that will be measured by the individual's demonstration of his choice.


The Intention of this sharing of "Love Thy Self" is to give a better understanding of real love.