Penetrating the Veil

Penetrating the Veil starts with unblocking and balancing the energy centers of the body. Penetrating the Veil

There’s POWER In the NAME

The Intention of this sharing of "There's POWER In the Name" is to return this POWER to the world.


The Intention of this Sharing of  "QUEEN" is to show RESPECT to Man's Equal the WOMEN. QUEEN


The Intention for this writing of "DIVINE LOVE" is to open our HEARTS to LOVE on a SOUL LEVEL.


The Intention of this sharing of "One" is to open a bigger Innerstanding of Creation. ONE


The Intention of this sharing on "Valuable" is to lift you up to your GREATEST! Valuable

“All Is One”

"All Is One" is a short film created by Executive Producer/Director/Editor Tremayne Johnson of ....IN and Creator of  forwarding the...

The Unconditional Love Conference & Tour

Presents COMING SOON! Please enjoy my website until we meet, I had a...

Conception of LOVE

LOVE heals. Conception of LOVE The conception of LOVE comes in many forms...

Unlocking the Sphinx

Unlocking the Sphinx "The Sphinx was built using sound frequencies and was not finished until around 29,500...

Understanding of LOVE

Understanding of LOVE ______________________________________________________________________________ (The Law of One) Ra: I am Ra. Again we...

Life Path

Most people are asking.... What is my life path? What I'm I supposed to be doing with my life?

The Law of One (Insert)

This is a insert from the Law of One when Ra referenced Jehoshua.  75.14 ▶ Questioner: The instrument would like...


What's needed now more than ever on this Journey called life is BALANCE. THE GREAT BALANCE

Applying the knowledge

Everyone in different parts of the world holds a master key to living life as the human race, its not just...

My Understanding

My understanding of White Eagles Teachings of the Initiations which comes to you on a spiritual path that falls into four...

The Touch

The Intention of this sharing of "The Touch" is to express that we are all Divinely Connected.